Alternative methods for bronchitis.

Alternative methods for bronchitis.

Alternative methods for bronchitis.

Borjomi with milk

Inveterate bronchitis can be treated with special mineral water. Half a glass of milk is heated.

A similar amount of Borjomi is introduced. Drink a third cup three times a day. It can be given to children over the age of ten.

Vitamin cocktail

Fifty milliliters combine the juices of carrots, radishes and beets. Add 200 ml of aloe juice, 150 ml of cognac and half a liter jar of flower honey.

Pour fifty grams of cocoa powder. Mix thoroughly and send to the refrigerator. Take 1 tbsp. l every time before eating. The tool helps to quickly overcome the symptoms of the disease in various forms, strengthens the immune system.


For ten sessions, the disease in any form can be cured by the original method. A linen sheet is soaked in salt water. They wrap the body and lie under a warm blanket. After an hour and a half, they wash the body with warm water.


Gentle physical activity in diseases of the respiratory tract helps to normalize respiratory activity and helps in the rapid removal of sputum from the bronchi. Exercise does not have to be specially selected.

The usual forward and backward bends, squats and a “bicycle” will do. The main requirement is to monitor your breathing. Inhalations should be done slowly, and exhale sharply and noisily. It is on exhalation that the onset of coughing and the removal of mucus occurs. You need to perform exercises a couple of times a day.

Alternative methods for bronchitis.


The use of hot homemade kvass helps to overcome the catarrhal form of the disease in just a couple of days. They drink it instead of tea.


Use for any type of disease in a glass four times a day.

Cognac medicine

Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies involves the use of the following composition: two large spoons of high-quality condensed milk, one raw chicken egg and a glass of brandy.

All mix well and beat with a fork. Enter 300 ml of warm water and stir. Drink in one gulp. Repeat for four days. After taking the composition, it is recommended to make a bath with half a cup of baking soda. The procedure is performed at night.

Alternative methods for bronchitis.
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