When defective, degenerative changes occur in the pharyngeal tonsil. This is called adenoid growth, or adenoids. They usually appear after the transferred infectious diseases. Such as flu, measles, diphtheria, scarlet fever, or it is a defect in heredity.

Most often, adenoids are found in children of three to ten years of age. To help with the main treatment, there are many alternative methods of getting rid of this disease. I will give some of them below.

Alternative treatment with propolis.

Perhaps, for the most effective treatment of adenoids in children, propolis is best suited. In folk medicine, for the treatment of inflamed tonsils. It is used in two forms — drops and ointment:

1. For one glass of boiled water at room temperature. Take about a quarter teaspoon of regular baking soda. And add 15–20 drops of ten percent propolis tincture on alcohol.

It is necessary, with inflamed adenoids, several times a day, to rinse the nose with this composition. One procedure requires up to half a glass of funds for each nostril.

Propolis has pronounced bactericidal properties, which makes it indispensable in the treatment of adenoids.

Contraindications for treatment: hypersensitivity.

2. For the preparation of medicinal ointment, you need 10 grams of propolis. And 100 grams of butter (you can use any butter, either butter, or sunflower, or olive).

Propolis should be placed in the refrigerator’s freezer until it freezes completely. Then grind in a mortar.

Mix the resulting powder with oil and put in a water bath. Prepare the medicine in the bath for about thirty minutes. Cool down.

Moisten two small bandages or cotton swabs with this product. Attach into the nasal passages and hold for up to half an hour.

This folk recipe is quite effective for treating adenoids in children. Propolis has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. This is very important for inflammation of the tonsils. It blocks the inflammatory process and destroys disease-causing organisms.

You can supplement the treatment with these folk remedies as follows:
Grate black radish. Wrap it in a cloth and place on the bridge of the nose, hold for up to five minutes. No more, the child may get burned.

Pine bud treatment

Pine buds are also an excellent remedy for the treatment of adenoids:

Traditional medicine recommends inhalations with pine buds for this disease. This is done like this:

• Grind 40 grams of pine buds in a coffee grinder or finely chop;

• pour two glasses of boiling water and put on fire;

• boil for 5-10 minutes.

After boiling, cover the baby’s head with a towel. And let him breathe over the decoction of pine buds for ten to fifteen minutes. Such inhalations have a disinfecting and expectorant effect. They are extremely beneficial for throat ailments.

And of course, you need to consult your doctor. Otherwise, you can waste time and face the formidable complications of adenoiditis.

Celandine drops against adenoids

When my child was 2.5 years old, two children’s clinics were diagnosed with grade 3 adenoids. When I slept on my back, I gasped, and on my side I snored. The doctor gave a prescription for an adult:

Take a sprig of celandine, when it blooms, cut it, squeeze the juice through cheesecloth. For 1 drop of juice — 20 drops of water. But I prepared drops for the child in the following proportion:

For 1 drop of squeezed juice 70 drops of water. I took 1 drop from this composition with a pipette and dripped it into each nostril. Forcing droplets to be drawn in. And so in the morning and evening.

After some time, I took 60 drops of water for 1 drop of squeezed juice. In order not to count the drops every day, I glued a plaster on the bottle and drew a line with a pen.

The composition was made fresh every day. The course of treatment is a month. Before dripping into the child’s nose, I checked on myself — this is what the doctor advised me.

The adenoids disappeared after the course of treatment. P.S. Now my son is 26 years old. 2 years after the course of treatment, we visited the doctor. He said that his son had no adenoids.

Adenoids are treated with oil

This folk recipe for the treatment of adenoids in children consists of three cycles of taking oils:

• sea buckthorn oil drip 1/2 pipette into each nostril 3 times a day for two weeks;

• coniferous oil — cedar, drip thuja into each nostril 3 times a day for two weeks;

• drip tea tree oil into each nostril 3 times a day according to the instructions for two weeks.

Before instilling any oil, you need to prepare your nose as follows:

• rinse with saline water solution (about 1 teaspoon of topless salt per 1 glass of warm boiled water);

• inhale through the nose, spit out through the mouth;

• after 15 minutes, if the nose remains stuffy, drip naphthyzine;

• and another 15 minutes after such preparation, bury the oil.

So, remember, the three cycles are distributed as follows: Two weeks — one, two weeks — another, two weeks — the third. My friends cured adenoids in their children using this folk method, which is what I wish for you.


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