What will help to quit smoking.

What will help to quit smoking.

best way to quit smoking


Get rid of smoking can be only when you yourself want it. No talk and persuasion are not effective if there is no internal readiness. The fact that nicotine and tar are carcinogenic — a fact proven beyond doubt, however, that’s a feature of our mentality — always seems to me nothing bad can happen. So — can. Fate did not choose, but just poke a finger, and lung cancer is diagnosed, usually in the later stages and treatment can not be.

A few more facts that will help you choose the motivation:

The substances that enter the body from inhaled smoke, prevent conception as inhibit the production of necessary hormones. Male smoking has a direct impact on the number and motility of spermatozoa

Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage, resulting in fetal growth retardation violates the formation and development of the respiratory system of the child and increases the future risk of SIDS — Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. When breastfeeding infant receives a portion of toxic substances from the milk of smoking mothers.

Passive smoking is fraught with problems for the child with respiratory, heart and nervous system. Such children are often prone to allergic reactions and asthma. Ucheny found. that children are constantly inhaling cigarette smoke is worse than learning, more likely to suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

RULE gradually

Often, realizing the degree of responsibility of women quit smoking once they learn of their pregnancy. As a rule, such a strong person can hold the whole period of pregnancy and breastfeeding, but very often, after its completion back to the cigarette. Given that after such a long time there is no physiological dependence, likely triggered a false memory of how it was nice to keep a cigarette. It is necessary to make an effort — and not so strong, so as not to return to the past.

Having defined the motivation and say «I want to quit smoking» — should not, namely want, you must decide on the method that you will help in this. Remember one thing — it’s your choice and your wish, but not the obligation, or submission to the will of another. Habit thing baiting and it should not be stronger than normal sane person.

Do not throw all packs of cigarettes, ashtrays and clean get away from smokers know, it is unlikely to help. Prepare yourself gradually accustom to the idea that sooner or later, as long as you prepare yourself for a responsible action, gradually reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, and so. To this caused a minimum of discomfort, but faithfully performed.

Discard the «usual» smoking breaks — for example, the morning cigarette, when you exit to the street, stop smoking at home. cigarette is often not in the mouth because it eats the need for nicotine, as well as an automatic action. Capture each cigarette.

Carry a bag in nuts, dried fruits, homemade croutons — they will help take your mouth when this habit requires.

Wear a rosary in his pocket, beads, beads, any small items that will help to take a hand.

Do not smoke a cigarette to nicotine, allow yourself to make 1-2 puffs, and if satisfaction came simply discard the remainder.

Set a date when you will stop smoking. Let it be a week after the decision, or a month, it is important to prepare for a specific date. Let the house will be the last pack of cigarettes, you’ll know that if you want to always be able to smoke again — but you do not want to, because it is your personal decision.

Do not treat yourself and your smoking too seriously. Play the game — I smoke, but I do not want and will not do it. Consider the time of their victories — first days, then weeks, and so on. It is important not to make experiments such as «what I feel right now, if lit» — it can undo all the work done.


gradual and self-rejection method does not work at all. In this case, you can ask for help to specialists of addiction. Furthermore, there are effective methods based on hypnosis. And you can not even work in a doctor’s office, and the house, listening to the recording and follow the instructions. But hypnosis, as a rule, it is a one-time procedure — if you decide to experiment and smoke, the second time it will not work

Many famous book helps Alan Kara «Easy way to quit smoking.» The famous doctor and a fighter against smoking has developed its own specific methodologies, which affect on the subconscious level.

Some smokers with great experience helps ease the rejection of cigarettes temporary replacement-nicotine medications, using nicotine patches, gum, inhalers.

Of the alternative methods known addiction treatment using acupuncture.

In any case — the main thing in the way of giving up cigarettes, it’s own conscious decision and a sincere desire. Also, you should know that it is absolutely real and not as scary and difficult as it seems in the beginning.



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