weight loss at home

weight loss at home

+ How to lose weight quickly

Fasting days

If you ask nutritionists, a way to lose weight and keep the weight is the most effective and safe, they unanimously called fasting days. Below them is meant kind of low-calorie diets contrast, applied 1-2 times a week. Such days are especially useful against the backdrop of balanced nutrition.
The best by far is to use a variety of discharges using completely different products:
potatoes, apples, vegetables, dairy products and other alternately.

The use of fasting days like the shake-up of the body, during which a man loses from 500 g to 1 kg of weight. But given that the contrasting diets differ in certain uniformity and disrupt the balance of power, they should not be used more than once, most — twice a week and it is better to alternate:
day beef, vegetable day, day of milk and so on.

Fasting days are carbohydrate, protein and fat.
When alternating fasting days is better to take into account this point, choosing a different type of discharge: the carbohydrate, the protein.
This method of fasting days of alternation most effective and physiologic.
We offer you several options for handling days.

+ How to lose weight quickly

carbohydrate DAYS

Fruit day — during the day to eat half a kilogram of oranges or apples, dividing the whole amount on six receptions.
Watermelon Day — two kilograms of watermelon pulp, divided into six receptions.
Vegetable day — half a kilogram of cucumbers, cabbage or tomatoes to eat during the day for the same six receptions.
Potato Day — to eat six receptions used two kilograms of boiled potatoes. two cups of yogurt can additionally drink.
Day of dried fruits — dried fruit compote daily dose is 250 g,
water — up to a liter. Drinking a glass compote 5 times a day (for information: in the diet contains 120 grams of carbohydrates, 4.5 g protein, energy value is 500-510 calories).
Juice Day — a liter of fruit juice prepared from natural fresh fruit, divided into 4-6 portions and drink during the day.

Protein DAYS

Curd day — six times a day to eat 100 grams of semi-skimmed curd,
three times a day to drink a glass of unsweetened tea. Permission is granted to use water as necessary.
Fish Day — split 400 grams of lean boiled river fish (perch, pike-perch, pike) on six receptions. Additionally, you can drink two cups of coffee or tea with milk.
Meat Day — Boil, without salt 400 grams of lean meat, divide it into four stages, each of which can be washed down with a glass of tea without sugar. Water ad libitum.
Day of cheese and eggs — for breakfast you can eat 100 grams of cheese and a glass of black coffee with a slice of sugar. Lunch consists of two soft-boiled eggs and a cup of weak tea with a slice of sugar. Dinner is served 200 grams of cheese and a cup of weak tea with sugar piece.

+ How to lose weight quickly


Fat fasting days should apply to people who have no digestive diseases and cardiovascular system.

Day cream — during the day you need to drink 600 ml of cream equal meals every three hours. Additionally allowed coffee or strong tea without sugar.

Sour cream day — five times a day to eat 100 grams of sour cream and drink 2 cups of coffee with milk without sugar.



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