Treatment of atherosclerosis.

Cranberry will help everyone.

Treatment of atherosclerosis.

Cranberries are a valuable vitamin and tonic product.
Morse from cranberries is used as an antipyretic. Juice with honey well helps with sore throat, cough. Berries and cranberry leaves can be brewed and drunk, like tea, with headache, chills and fever, with food poisoning, alcohol intoxication.

Treatment of atherosclerosis.

Cranberry normalizes cholesterol metabolism. Prevents the formation of blood clots, so it should be used to prevent and treat stroke and heart attack.

Prepare the mixture: 1 kg of cranberries and 200 g of garlic crushed. Deliver for 12 hours in a dark place. Then add 0.5 kg of honey. Good mix everything.
Take the mixture on a tablespoon 2 times daily before meals. Will help your heart and blood vessels. It is best to conduct such recovery in spring and autumn.

Cranberries — an indispensable product in inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system — pyelonephritis and cystitis. It protects the kidneys and urinary tract from infection.
If you drink cranberry juice or mors every day, you can get rid of these diseases.

With inflammation of the bladder, you can use and leaves of cranberries: a tablespoon of dry leaves on a glass of boiling water. Drink warm.

With hypertension, atherosclerosis, colitis, gastritis with reduced acidity, metabolic disorders, rheumatism, infusion of berries and cranberry leaves is recommended:
pour boiling water berries and leaves in a thermos (1-2 tablespoons of the mixture on a glass). Insist 4 hours. Drink warm for half a cup 3 times a day, filtering each serving.
But remember that cranberries are not recommended for peptic ulcer and gastritis with high acidity.

Treatment of atherosclerosis.


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