Treatment of asthma.

Treatment of asthma.

Like breathing in asthma?

Those who are sick with asthma, many years suffer from this disease. No money and drugs do not help. But somehow in the hospital, I met with a woman who has coped with asthma with the help of breathing exercises.

I heard about the existence of such exercises, but did not know exactly how it is necessary to perform breathing exercises. Therefore, detailed questioned the woman, and the next day she began to do the exercises.
And you know, the disease slowly started to recede. Not to say that just to feel the first results, it took me six months. But now I go quietly with her husband in the forest, which had just could not afford — quickly choked. Try it and you, it will definitely help, but do exercise daily.

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In the first week of sit comfortably on a sofa or chair, completely relax your muscles. And try to tune in to a cure — all thoughts are about healing, about the good that you do, using this treatment. Such an attitude will take five minutes. A drill itself — about 10 minutes.
Take a slow, deep breath, nose and abdomen for 8 seconds. Then hold your breath for 8 seconds and slowly, again within 8 seconds, exhale air.
Thus, in 10 minutes you will do 25 breaths, delays and exhalations.
This first week is the hardest.
Maybe you’ll even feel bad. But do not stop training, after several sessions of discomfort disappear. And you will feel the unprecedented surge of strength earlier. At least that happened to me

In the second week just relax and tune in to the treatment for 5 minutes and then 10 minutes of breathing exercises. But now breath, retention and exhalation should be carried out already at 10 seconds. And you breathe in and out the left side, the right nostril.

In the third week perform breathing alternately one or the other nostril. Inhale, exhale — after 15 seconds and the delay — 10 seconds.

On the fourth week, all the same, changing only the time: a breath — 20 seconds, the delay — 10 seconds, exhale — 20 seconds. It is in this rhythm and it is necessary to carry out exercises all subsequent time.

Treatment of asthma.

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