Treatment and prevention of influenza

Treatment and prevention of influenza

#Flu symptoms and treatment,
I want to draw your attention that all respiratory infections are transmitted not only through airborne droplets: coughing, sneezing patient, but also the contact method: through a handshake, towels, household items.

! Therefore, it is important to carefully follow the hygiene, wash your hands frequently, do not touch the person wearing protective surgical mask during the height of the epidemic.

Do I need to bring down the temperature?

Our only reliable defenders against viruses are interferon —
specific proteins produced by cells of the organism during penetration viruses and bacteria is suppressed while the synthesis of proteins in microorganisms, and they lose the ability to proliferate.

! Interferons are beginning to be developed intensively with the increase in body temperature up to 38 °, so take antipyretic drugs only makes sense at a temperature higher than this value.

Do antibiotics Showing?

Unfortunately, many people become ill with influenza and acute respiratory infections begin to self-medicate without a doctor’s prescription to take sulfonamides, broad-spectrum antibiotics in the hope of faster recovery.
But in the end, instead of healing you can «earn» a fungal disease, harm the stomach, liver and kidneys.

! Note: the use of antibiotics for viral infections is meaningless, they do not act on it.

Doctors prescribe antibiotics only when added to a malicious virus pathogenic bacteria that attack the body, weakened flu.

Will the shock doses of vitamin C?

In the late 70-ies of the Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling was the recommend daily intake of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to 1 g, in order not to get sick from colds and prevention of wellness. More recent studies have shown that prevention of viral infections and colds enough to take a smaller dose — 100-200 mg per day. And only with the direct threat of colds and flu (hypothermia, in close contact with the sick person) is allowed to take 2-3 days daily shock doses of vitamin C (1.5-2.5 g for adults). It stimulates the immune defenses, already facilitates the onset of the disease. Ascorbic acid, for example, is part of the popular cough means.

If the light under threat

As I said, a very serious complication of the flu can become pneumonia, it develops most often as a result of additional bacterial infection. When pneumonia occurs cough with greenish, blood-streaked sputum, chest pain, especially with deep breathing, shortness of breath, fever. In some cases, the patient’s condition worsens so that required urgent hospitalization.
If you are at risk for the flu, or if you are over 65 years, to avoid bacterial pneumonia, it is strongly recommended that a special pneumococcal vaccine that protects against two dozen bacteria that cause this dangerous disease. The vaccine needs and adults — suffer from asthma, various types of cancer, heavy smokers.


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