Therapeutic diets

Therapeutic diets

AT senile dementia

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Dementia causes the transformation of the human personality. Typically, such changes occur with aging, mainly in people older than 60 years.

To prevent progression of senile dementia should observe a diet aimed at limiting the intake of
cholesterol, animal fats, excess carbohydrates, long-storage products, containing preservatives and flavoring agents, and salt.

The main source of cholesterol — a fat of animal origin. Excess cholesterol in used products is a prerequisite for the deposition of sclerotic plaques in the vessels and the progression of dementia.
Particularly rich in cholesterol, egg yolk and animal internal organs: brain, kidney, liver, and some dairy products such as cheese and sour cream. A glass of milk, for example, the body receives 47 mg of cholesterol, while the yogurt with a glass of 6 mg for the same amount of protein and other substances needed by the body. Therefore, you should prefer yogurt products.

It is quite another thing — vegetable fats. Because they contain substances useful vegetable fats promote dissolution and removal of sclerotic plaques from the vessel wall, and thus are both prevention of cardiovascular disease, and senile dementia.

Science has shown that a plant food (vegetables, fruits, berries) multiply in the intestine beneficial bacteria, including those that produce vitamins.
But the food of animal origin, not fully digest, forms a slag, domestic garbage, which gives rise to processes of decay. Firstly, it poisons the body, and secondly, that it is extremely important that suppresses the immune system, that is, reduces the body’s defenses and promotes the progression of dementia. People who eat mostly plant foods, 10 times less pronounced phenomenon of atherosclerosis, there is less acute myocardial infarction or stroke.

As it is possible to reduce the intake of animal fat and provide elimination of harmful substances?

Remove all visible fat from meat and poultry skin from chicken and turkey, deleted
fat from the diet, margarine.
Eliminate the vicious practice of cooking the traditional concentrated broths, especially broth from the bones, as these products contribute to the development of atherosclerosis and provoke the development of stroke.
Prefer lean meats, poultry, lean fish (perch, cod, hake, perch, pike), seafood (squid, shrimp, seaweed).
Replace mayonnaise and sour cream in the preparation of salads and other dishes with vegetable oil, preferably corn, sunflower and linseed.
It is necessary to choose the food prepared without fat cooking method, stewing, roasting.
Eat dairy products.
Enter in the diet of more vegetables, fruits and berries as a source of vitamins and minerals.
In winter, an excellent source of vitamin C are pickled cabbage and turnips.
Eat nuts, which are a source of essential proteins, vitamins and minerals.
Exclude from the diet pastry, white bread, cakes, sugar — no good, except for the extra calories, these products do not carry. Limit table salt.
For a better assimilation of food and reduce the amount of slag eat food in small portions, do not eat at night.
It is necessary to drink plenty of water, natural, clean. Can use spring water or get a good domestic filter.

Therapeutic diets

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