The stones will turn into sand.

The stones will turn into sand.

When doctors recommend an operation to remove the gallbladder, I refused the operation. The stones will turn into sand.
I decided to be treated with herbs.

• Treatment began with the root of a wild rose. Brewed every day in the morning, afternoon, evening, 1 tbsp. with a spoonful of root to 1 glass of water. Drink before eating. This course lasted almost two months.

• The second course lasted about six months. At this time, I drink a decoction from the root of a matte dye. It crushes the bile and bladder stones well.
Broth is cooked throughout the day. 6 g of the root is ground in a meat grinder or a coffee grinder. Pour 250 ml of water. Boil for 5-7 minutes. Insist for 30 minutes. Take a quarter cup 3 times daily before meals.

• Upon receipt of madder decoction drank herb collection: color immortelle, tansy, lime, sweet flag root, angelica, black currant leaves, fennel fruits, rose hips, arborvitae shoots, grass celandine and letters — equally.
At 1.5 cups of boiling water to take 1 tbsp. a particulate collection spoon powder 10 minutes warming on a water bath, and then press 2 h.
All drink before meals 4 times.

• All this time, while it was treated, stick to your diet — to exclude smoked, spicy, fatty. I saw juices: beetroot, apple, pomegranate. Even during the day drinking a decoction of betony with immortelle. This collection of herbs, not only improves the condition of the liver, but also the whole organism.

I do not take any pills, but here’s the result: in the gall bladder was only sand, stopped the pain disappeared heartburn, belching and bitterness in the mouth.

The stones will turn into sand.

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