Ten effective diets for winter.

Ten effective diets for winter.

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In winter, the human body needs a lot of vitamins, especially if you decide to lose weight. But not necessarily have vitamins and at the same time to gain weight, in this article we will learn how to eat and lose weight effectively. Paradoxically, clearly following the chosen diet, you can easily lose weight (up to 10 kg!).
Diets composed Italian nutritionist Rafaella Govoni, head of the center dietary surgery. Each diet is designed for about twelve hundred calories, which is quite enough for a healthy body!


Winter diet. Diet №1
Your breakfast.
Three slices of grain bread, which can be spread with a small amount of jam (or jam); 200 grams of fresh cranberry juice; a cup of barley coffee or tea, to which the brown sugar should be present (beet).

Your lunch. If you during the day thirst, then fill in the number of calories in the body, it can be eaten: Twenty grams of Parmesan cheese; two slices of apricot; a small amount of almond.

Your lunch. The choice you can dine leg of chicken (about 150 grams) with lemon juice (if there is no chicken, you can eat a turkey). Eggplant (or zucchini) cooked with garlic and parsley, filled with table spoon of oil. Any raw vegetables, steamed (in the course can go all — spinach, eggplant, zucchini, lettuce, beans, cabbage). Threaded slice of rye bread.

Your afternoon snack. At lunch you are allowed to eat a small bowl of fresh cherries or a big juicy peach. Drink it all can be a glass of cow’s or goat’s milk.
Your dinner. For dinner, prepare two hundred grams of salad «octopus», boil a large kartoshinu, and eat a slice of pineapple.

Duration diet: On the «winter diet №1» you must sit on the 5-to 18 days, strictly following her diet. It is also worth to devote time and sport at least once a day to walk briskly or run a few sit-ups.

Diet for the winter. Diet №2

Your breakfast. Roasted slice of white bread (toast), on which you put a small piece of cheese, ham and better. Drink it can be a glass of grape juice (preferably not purchased, and freshly squeezed). If funds are not allowed to buy wine, you can drink a cup of tea or coffee, but without sugar.

Your lunch. As the number 1 diet, you can eat, eating twenty grams of Parmesan cheese, or one large kiwi. If the kiwi is not — instead it is possible to eat a little a plate of strawberries.

Your lunch. On the recommendation of dietician Raffaello (the girl that was the diet), for lunch it is recommended to eat two plates of cold farro salad, or replace this lentil salad prepared with parmesan, dill and tomatoes. After lunch you can eat a slice of pineapple or one fresh apricot.

Your afternoon snack. Snack — strict. You can eat just one banana, it is desirable not great.

Your dinner. Fry or boil two eggs choice. If the eggs are for some reason do not want to have, you can make a salad of vegetables, which is necessary to chop the green beans. Eggs or salad to eat with bread (rye bread fit perfectly).

Lose weight in the winter just. Diet №3

Breakfast. Make yourself a sandwich, we can chew nuts or dried, make a delicious and juicy beef steak. As a beverage — coffee, tea, which is nice. Try not to eat sugar, unless beet (brown).

For lunch. At lunch you can eat boiled rice without spices and meat. Simply boiled rice. About 200 grams.

Lunch. It is advisable to arrange a vegetable meal. More precisely to make some salad vegetables, then you can eat 100-200 grams of fried chicken or rabbit. We recommend to make steamed vegetables, do not forget to add the onion and garlic, they are very useful in the winter. As in the previous two diets for weight loss — eat only grain breads (rye, oats).

At mid-morning snack. Prepare the fruit salad of apples, oranges, bananas (and other things that can afford), dressed with a creamy ice cream briquette.

We have supper. One hundred, two hundred grams of boiled fish, a piece of rye bread. You can eat a slice of pineapple at night.

Diet for 4 days of winter. Diet №4

Breakfast. Dairy products are very useful in the winter, so we will not forget them. At breakfast — cottage cheese with jam (which has no sugar), a glass of milk. As drink — cocoa, coffee or tea. Sweets drink beet sugar.

Your lunch. Red apple, but only half. A piece of parmesan cheese. Walnuts or two small ham sandwiches (take the one that is more expensive).

Lunch. Buy brown rice, cook it with lentils. If you do not want to mess — then cook the zucchini or eggplant with aromatic spices (thyme fit perfectly). Eat a slice of watermelon, if it still is for sale.
At mid-morning snack. Simple purchase yogurt, kefir, you can, if you want to lose weight more quickly. Either one ice cream «ice cream.»
We have supper. Any of your choice, a dish of fresh vegetables. A slice of rye bread. At bedtime can drink a glass of herbal tea.

Diet in December. Diet №5

in the New Year month, will quickly lose weight or just maintain a healthy body.
Your breakfast. Wheat biscuits with hot tea, after the pre-Christmas mood, you can eat a piece of cake. Instead of tea you can drink coffee or citrus juice.

For lunch. For lunch nutritionists recommend yogurt with fruit pieces, or flakes.

Your lunch. For lunch allowed a small amount of meat, the main thing that the meat was tender, and also does not contain a fat. Perfect beef. Her need to fry with Parmesan cheese. We eat with rye bread, which can also spread cheese, same cheese fit perfectly, but can also be spread with cheese.

Your dinner. Buy strawberries, rye bread, 100-200 grams of fish you want to boil. Make a simple vegetable salad. Before going to bed drink a herbal infusion or strong tea without sugar.

Winter diet. Diet №6

The original and very simple, fairly strict diet for three winter months of December, January and February.

Breakfast. Prepare the coffee without milk, preferably less sugar. We were prepared? You can drink it with a croissant.

Lunch. Two pieces of fried white bread with a slice of ham.

Lunch. Make a simple salad with parmesan cheese and chicken (chicken — chopped and boiled), add to the celery. A slice of rye bread. If the situation allows (you are not driving and not at work) then you can drink a little red wine and eat a red apple.

Snack. At lunch we eat green apple, depending on your appetite and desire to lose weight, as well as 3 tonsils.

We have supper. Cooking or order a pizza with vegetables, take care that there was no meat in it, it is very important. Although a bit of ham, I think, can not hurt. At night, drink hot tea, slightly sweetened it.

The seven-day diet for the winter. Diet №7

Diet, as you have guessed from the name, is designed for seven days. The diet is very simple, it is this diet recommends Ferro before the new year.

For breakfast. A glass of milk with a piece of rye bread.

For lunch. Thirty grams of Parmesan cheese, one small kiwi.

For lunch. Vegetable salad with tomatoes. Salad eat rye bread.

At mid-morning snack. Any fruit that you find. But be aware — does not mean there is a lot of them. Perfectly suited citrus.

For dinner. Salad, green apple. Parmesan cheese or sausage cheese, pounded with a tablespoon of oil and a few drops of lemon. At night, as well as in several previous diet drink tea, or a glass of water.

Diet «Minus 8 kg» in the winter. Diet №8

This diet — gentle, calculated that during the winter, namely three months, you should lose weight by 8 kg.
Breakfast. Slice of apple pie, a cup of coffee or fresh juice (orange for example).
Lunch. Apricot. The use of other fruits such as apples, bananas, etc. Just do not forget the parmesan cheese, which is observed in almost every winter diet.
Lunch. Cut 5 pieces of ham, preparing melon. All this is sure to eat rye bread.
Snack. Two slices of white bread and dried ham.
We have supper. One hundred grams of cheese, celery salad, two slices of rye bread.

Winter diet for weight loss. Diet №9

The second to last on our list of diet for weight loss. under the ordinal number Diet nine out of ten.
Breakfast. Muffins with dried beef. The choice of either the juice or coffee, tea is also possible.
Lunch. Yogurt.
Dinner. Baked fish with vegetable salad, the dish should be not more than 200 grams. You can add a potato. A slice of rye bread. Glass of water.
Snack. Afternoon tea in the diet there.
Dinner. Cooked beans and canned fish. As can be canned fish like mackerel and salmon.

The most effective diet from this list. Diet №10.

The final, tenth winter diet — a diet number 10. It differs from other diets for its high efficiency and the ability to help you quickly lose weight (10 kilograms).
Breakfast. A glass of cow’s milk, dried apricots, oatmeal. If you are picky — it can be mixed in one plate and spoonable.
Lunch. Making Italian rice «risotto» with strawberries or blueberries, sprinkle generously with Parmesan cheese, add fresh vegetables (in the stores always have). Wash down with a glass of water can be.
Snack. Melon salad or a slice of watermelon. Two glasses of cow’s milk. If you do not like milk, you can drink one large cappuccino.
We have supper. Prepare chicken salad can be both chicken and turkey. We eat with rye bread. At night, drink a warm herbal tea.
That’s all:
As you can see, all diets are fairly simple, and the products are easily accessible to them. In every diet there is rye bread, so if you’re allergic to it, or simply intolerance, we do not recommend these diets.
Almost all diets are designed for an indefinite period, as the main diet. We recommend you to alternate between them for weeks. For example, in the first week of winter — diet number 10, in the second — on 6toy diet and so on. If you have any questions — ask them in the comments, we will be happy to answer them. Lose weight with pleasure!

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