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Hydradenitis treatment

Unpleasant inflammation. Hydradenitis treatment. In summer, many people are faced with a very unpleasant problem. It is an inflammation of the sweat glands. Hydradenitis treatment. However, this problem is all-season. Just in the summer sweat glands have to work in a strengthened mode. And people often use antipersperants, which provokes inflammation. Why is sweat glands inflamed? […]

Folk methods from vitiligo.

Folk methods from vitiligo.

Folk methods from vitiligo. Traditional medicine considers the recipes described below the most effective in the treatment of vitiligo, attributing to them the ability not only to reduce the manifestations of the disease, but to completely eliminate them. Even traditional medicine, which has devoted a very long time to studying the disease, does not promise […]

Medicine for the skin.

Medicine for the skin.

Medicine for the skin. Medicine for the skin. Treatment of eczema folk remedies. Whether my skin so sensitive, or with metabolism that something is not right, but for a long time suffered from eczema. It is manifested as irritation to the powders and detergents, as a response to any experience and nervous shakes.

Dark spots.

Dark spots on the face.

Dark spots. Dark spots on the face. As at home to get rid of age spots. To help cope with this problem a few recipes of alternative medicine. Parsley — a unique cosmetic, struggling with pigmentation. To do this, chop fresh herbs. ½ green glass is poured a glass of boiling water and infuse for […]

What is hpv.

What is hpv.HOW TO GET RID OF papillae?What is a papilloma?What is hpv. Papilloma — a benign skin lesions, which looks as a small build-up, which has a different color — solid, yellowish or brown, in people, these skin formations often called hanging warts or warts on the leg. What is hpv.Papillomavirus are very common, almost every tenth person they there is on the face and neck, the hands, the soles, in the natural folds — armpits, groin, under the breasts.