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We treat psoriasis with herbs.

We treat psoriasis with herbs

We treat psoriasis with herbs. WHY IS PSORIASIS We treat psoriasis with herbs. The etiology of psoriasis is not fully understood. But today, more and more doctors are inclined to consider it a genetic disease, which is activated as a result of exposure to environmental factors. These include: viral and bacterial infections; wrong lifestyle; climate […]

Plaque psoriasis treatment.

Plaque psoriasis treatment.

Ointments from goose fat. Plaque psoriasis treatment. About therapeutic ointments based on goose fat. The chemical structure of goose fat is the same as that of olive oil. It withstands high temperatures. Does not change its molecular structure. It is the strongest biostimulant. Goose fat revitalizes the immune system. Especially in moments of reducing the […]