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MYSTERY juniper MIRACLE.Natural medicine.The ancient Greeks called this shrub small cedar, Slavs — Mozzhuha, mezhelnikom. Juniper was worshiped as a healer and protector in all countries and at all times.The plant has the strongest Phytoncidal properties: 1 hectare of juniper may one day improve the air of an average city!

Recipes against old age.

Recipes against old age. herbal supplements. I know a lot of people’s recipes: and from the heart, and on the legs, and weakness. Recipes against old age. The very use them and others advise.  • (далее…)

Herbal supplements.

Herbal supplements.

Herbal supplements. Healing Supplements. Virtually all housewives enjoy cooking spices. But many do not know what useful and medicinal properties these acute additives possess. And meanwhile: RED (далее…)

Altai healer — red brush.

Altai healer - red brush.

Altai healer — red brush. Natural health remedies. Altai healer — red brush. I want my knowledge to be useful to someone. Today I want to write about the plant. It is called a phonograph cold. Another (далее…)