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Early arthrosis.

Early arthrosis.

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Tangerines clean joints.

Tangerines clean joints.

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Methods for treating arthritis.

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Herbs for joint.

Herbs for joint.Joint pain treatment. Almost everyone knows that the disease of the joints is nothing more than a manifestation of a violation of salt metabolism. And for any disease, it is not the symptoms that should be treated, but the real cause. Therefore, when I started to hurt my joints on my arms, arthritis first made itself felt. I decided to fight the disease from the inside.


Rheumatism. Birch buds will help.Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.Rheumatism. Those who live in the countryside know about birch buds. This is an indispensable remedy for many ailments.

Burdock knee rescued.

Burdock knee rescued.Knee arthritis treatment.Burdock knee rescued. Once I was almost out of the blue, I managed to stumble. It so happened that I tore the ligaments on my knee. At least it was a shy additional diagnosis. The only way a doctor could offer is ice. Although it was on the third day after the injury!

Wonder tincture.

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Rheumatoid arthritis treatment.

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Back pain treatment.

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Back pain treatment.

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