Treatment of diseases of folk remedies.

Over the years, I have had constant sore throat. Which is understandable.  Chronic tonsillitis adolescence.

I knew all about the fact that my tonsils do not resist infections. And I heard that they can be trained. But how to do it, I do not know. Until he heard that the woman was able to get rid of chronic pharyngitis with normal ice cream.

First, I do not really understand what is happening. Moreover, she did not eat ice cream, all because of the same problems with his throat.

But later I realized that this is the training of the tonsils.

Started eating ice cream. First at home and a little bit. Then more and more, and even on the street. And you think what happened? I started to get sick? No, my throat is not responding. Even for a portion of ice cream, eaten in the cold.

I came to the conclusion that the amygdala had just become accustomed to a cold. And they have nothing to worry about.

Traditional medicines.

By the way, according to the same analogy, we were treated with chronic sinusitis with my husband. As is known, fell ill one day and making a puncture, the people at the slightest cooling again ill. But my husband acted as the nose piercing procedure, that he was willing to do anything that it happens again in the future.

That’s what we did. The glass bottles out of medicine poured water and frozen it. Then, taking them from the freezer, bottomed drove down his cheeks in the area of the maxillary sinuses. Was repeated every day for several months. And since then, for six years sinusitis passes us by. Although her husband even in winter goes without a hat and scarf.




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