Strabismus should be treated!

strabismus eye surgery

According to ophthalmologists, strabismus is found today in 2% of children.
And, contrary to popular belief, this is not a harmless cosmetic defect, but a serious disease that is fraught with the gradual deterioration of vision.

This defect can lead to the loss of binocular vision — the vision with both eyes at once, which is formed to have kids 5-6 years. Without it, it is impossible to adequately assess the spatial relationship of others
items, that is, the world is perceived in an unnatural, distorted form.

Typically, strabismus occurs in children during the first three years of life and in most cases accompanied by a decrease in visual acuity. Noticing that mows the baby eyes, you need to guide him to the optometrist immediately. The sooner treatment begins, the better the chances to restore normal binocular vision.

Doctors believe that the main cause of strabismus — congenital or
acquired diseases of the central nervous system, which will inevitably affect the work of the brain responsible for the muscles that move the eyeball. Strabismus may provoke and children’s infectious diseases, trauma in infancy, ametropia (myopia, hyperopia).

To determine the cause of and treat strabismus can only children’s eye doctor, who will hold a special eye examination.
Strabismus treatment process is long and difficult, it often takes many months, and sometimes years.
Children from a half to two years to designate points for continuous wear. Practice shows that for uncomplicated forms of accommodative esotropia only one constant wearing of glasses can promote full recovery.
To create the conditions for inclusion in the active work of the squinting eye, resorted to a long (several months) shutdown healthy: its special cover flap.
Meanwhile, squinting eyes trained — collecting fine mosaics, painting and other exercises that stimulate the visual process.
To teach squinting eyes correctly, without the help of the side view,
focus images of objects, there are special devices.

By submitting to the middle of the retina light beams, they excite the visual receptors, force them to work in full force. And so, gradually, the ability to see properly restored.
However, if after years of wearing glasses strabismus is not corrected, needs an operation.
The essence of surgical treatment is reduced to the shortening or lengthening of the eye muscles. If a strong deviation from the norm may require several operations — an eye must be gradual, step by step to get used to his new
state. However, the recovery of the symmetrical position of the eyes even
It does not mean the return of binocular vision.
After the operations necessary exercises to help the eyes work a pair in harness.
I must say that in severe forms of strabismus, especially if the eye mows down or up, even surgery can not restore binocular vision — only to eliminate a flaw of appearance.




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