Spurs cure easily

Spurs cure easily

I’ve never worn a pair of tight shoes, and for a long time I do not like walking on foot for a long time, but I’m so lucky — and it’s painful to walk two steps!

At first I expected everything to go by itself, but time passed, and my heels continued to hurt. Then I began to fear that I would start the disease completely and nothing would help me. I turned to my friends for help.

By common efforts I found a cure for me. I thought what an overseas remedy, and I was advised to undergo ordinary garlic treatment. A means of people, reliable, not on one pair of heels tested.

I listened to these tips, rubbed the garlic on the grater and applied this gruel to the spurs, and wrapped the bandage on top. The next morning a burn was formed on my heels, but I did not interrupt the treatment-the burned place was smeared with oil, and a day later I rubbed garlic again.
So quietly, a little pole and got rid of spurs. Now I run as before, no pain, no spurs. I did not even expect it to work out that way.

Another effective remedy for heel spurs: pour salt into the shoes.


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