Сhronic bronchitis treatment.

Сhronic bronchitis treatment.

Сhronic bronchitis treatment. Fast cure.

Cold remedies.

You will not believe, but asthma can be cured in just a month. And all thanks to one popular recipe, I used to hear about him, but he is so efficient — not even suspected. Take 150 g of horseradish, 2 lemon with peel and 5 peeled garlic heads, all mince and mix thoroughly. Сhronic bronchitis treatment.

Сhronic bronchitis treatment.

Add a pound of honey and let stand for a week. Take the mixture should be for 1 st. spoon morning and evening.
I advise you to try this recipe and people suffering from chronic bronchitis, asthma, since there is often just fits of coughing. I hope I can help someone.

Cloves from angina.

I want to share experience in the treatment of angina, which I use for many years. I like this method of treatment has got from my mother, and she, in turn, from its ancestors. In other words, the way the old and tested. I myself have long recommend it to all friends, and my facility helps everyone. Successfully I use it even with tonsillitis with high fever.
You will need a spice — cloves. It is necessary to take 4 clove and grind them in a mortar to a powder, pour a glass of boiling milk. Infuse until slightly cooled. Drink prepared drug should be in small sips, holding in his mouth — drink it all to end. But before you drink milk with cloves, it is necessary to cleanse the mouth of mucus, rinsing it one of the solutions:
1/4 h. Spoons of salt, 1/4 h. Tablespoons baking soda and 1 drop of iodine in a glass of water, or 1 h. Spoon of calendula tincture to a glass of water. If the house did not have milk, you can take 1-2 pcs. dry cloves into the mouth and dissolve, swallowing saliva and clove itself. «

Prescription grandmother.

Now pharmacies sold a lot of different medicines for cough, but that’s just not all of them actually do their job. You can not say about folk remedies, and cough are removed, and the disease it caused, treated. Here in the past year, my wife caught a cold and was coughing very badly. Tried a lot of potions and powders, some had an allergy, and most do not help. And then we remembered the recipe, which was treating cough even my grandmother.
She squeeze the juice from the cabbage, add a little sugar and gave us 1 h. Spoon 3-4 times a day. You can also drink a decoction of cabbage, but the juice is much more pleasant. We tried this recipe and successfully coughing passed quickly. «

Charging for tonsil.

I want to talk about the cleansing of the tonsils. They protect the body against the penetration of various infections such as
sponge, absorb everything. It is understandable that sometimes this protection fails. But there is a way to clean the tonsils. This so-called «lion posture.»

Inhale and hold your breath. Widely open your mouth, stick out your tongue as far forward and down to the chin. Simultaneously press the chin to the sternum. Perform as long as enough breath delay. Repeat at least 3-5 times in one approach.

There are exercise «Ring.» It is especially useful after the removal of the tonsils, avoids pharyngitis, loss of voice, and other troubles.
The mouth is closed, the tip of the tongue rests against the sky, turned back as far as possible and fixed in this position —
tighten the muscles of the larynx and neck. The focus-on the muscles of the neck, throat and tongue.
Keep the muscles in tension, as allowed Hold your breath. Make several approaches. After throat rinse salt water.
Also will act favorably smooth pan and tilt head forward, backward and to the sides, with a mandatory fixing of the head at the end point of rotation. Regular exercise helps to get rid of headaches,
reduce the double chin.

I treat bronchitis potato mustard plasters.

I take 12 medium-sized potatoes, cook them in their skins, drained, confused, add 4 tbsp. spoons (from top) dry mustard, 4 tablespoons. spoons of vodka, mixed and spread evenly on the two pieces of cellophane.
Each of the resulting tortillas wrap a towel and put to sleep well, on the shoulder blades. It should fit the body the side compress that without cellophane. Top harboring a warm blanket. After 15 minutes, I shift the compress on the chest, on the area of the bronchi, but in any case not on the heart. This compress any coughing like a hand lift. However, we must remember that the packs can not be done at an elevated temperature. But the most important and the most simple recipe — to be kind to everyone, and then you can avoid the disease.

Five herbs from the flu.

In our family for a period of influenza epidemics there branded prescription — a decoction of «Pyaterochka». So it is called, because it is composed of 5 grasses:
mother and stepmother (removes phlegm in the bronchi)
series (diaphoretic)
St. John’s wort (antimicrobial)
oregano (antitussive)
thyme (smyagchitelnoe).
All components need to be mixed thoroughly and prepare a decoction of the rate of 1 tbsp. spoon collection cup of water. If there is in the house, you can add dry raspberries. This decoction, taken before bedtime causes night sweat thoroughly, removes wheezing, disinfects the body, it adds strength and protects against influenza. This therapeutic and prophylactic.


Сhronic bronchitis treatment.

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