shortness of breath causes anxiety

How to cope with shortness of breath?

Many years ago I began to appear a strong shortness of breath.
So I recommend breathing exercises. The benefits from simple exercises was so strong that I decided to share them.
Exhale all the air through the mouth, quickly inhale through the nose, from the diaphragm with a force exhale all the air through your mouth, hold your breath, pull your stomach as much as possible, count to 8-10, relax and breathe. Next — exhale, the belly is drawn — a breath full stomach — a strong exhale, the abdomen retracted, then breath-hold retract the stomach even more, and think to 8-10. Then exhale. Against the backdrop of an exhalation and retracted abdomen can also do exercises with hands or feet.
Such breathing exercises can be performed in a sitting position, and walking:
exhale — inhale — exhale — the delay of breath — breath.
Stand up straight, bend your elbows (elbows down) and «show the viewer his hands.» Take short, rhythmic breaths nose and simultaneously squeeze hands into fists — grasping movements. The contract make 4 sharp rhythmic breaths nose (as if sniffing 4 times). Then lower your arms and relax for 3-4 seconds (pause). Take another 4 short noisy breath, and pause again. Active breath nose — out through the inaudible mouth.
The shoulders at the time of inhalation should be still. This exercise is called «palm» can do it, and standing and sitting. After a very short period of time, regularly doing these exercises, with shortness of breath, I said goodbye. After all, no wonder they say that we are healthy just as much as we are able to breathe properly.

By the way: Smoking threatens stroke

Young female smokers exposed to 2-fold higher risk of getting a stroke than their peers who do not have this habit. The more smoke woman, the more real it becomes a threat to her stroke. In a study by American scientists involved 1,000 women aged 15 to 49 years. Those who smoked 1 to 10 cigarettes a day, received a stroke is 2.2 times more likely than non-smokers and women who smoked up to 40 cigarettes daily increased their lung cancer risk 9.1 times.

How to cope with shortness of breath



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