Save from drinking puppeteer

Save from drinking puppeteer

My relative was a prosperous man in life, in the family, at work. Yet he often drink alcohol, are increasingly returning to work intoxicated. The reason for drinking alcohol become a normal day, work and festive, night and day. His wife and children did not survive the life of a drunken husband and went to her parents.

I know many ways to treat alcohol dependence. But the trouble is that a relative of mine, as well as the vast majority of alcoholics, does not consider himself sick. I tried to explain to him that he was sick, but heard in response:
I’m not an alcoholic, I can stop at any time. And then I advised his mother to start his treatment without his knowledge, ie, so that he had no idea about this.

We treated him puppeteer medicinal root.
Recipe broth I know from my grandmother’s recipes. In the old days used the puppeteer roots in Russia folk healers from drinking. This herb improves the immune system, stimulates the body’s defenses. When you receive a decoction of the root in patients disappears craving for alcoholic beverages, is produced by indifference to alcohol, to the point that sometimes people abuse alcohol just can not drink, even if hand out of habit reaches for a glass.

Dosing is unusual and different from those recipes that offered by many herbalists.
I know firsthand that many people have tried to treat their loved ones this root, but I believe the most effective and correct way is the one about which I am writing.

It should be 3-4 g puppeteer root pour 75 ml of boiling water, wrap up and leave
infuse for 3 hours. Then drain. Keep infusion in the refrigerator and add to all food and non-alcoholic beverages 1-2 drops if the patient mode is such that he eats once a day. For every person you need to pick up the dosage individually. For some, it may be 2 drops, so the daily increasing number of drops, it is necessary to «find» the right dose. An indicator of this dose will gag-a laxative effect, depression
general condition and acute aversion to alcohol.

Once you decide the dose, give it only if the patient drinks. Drinks — give, do not drink — do not give to poor health associated with the consumption of alcohol.
That’s how we treat your loved one. Thus, the brothers appeared in 2 months at first aversion to alcohol, and now complete indifference.




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