Rustic «slimming.

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Last year, my friend had an operation for a long time in the hospital lay stabbed different medicines, and as a result has recovered on 30 kg.

Even wearing the weight of it was hard, but everything else swelling and high blood pressure added.

After discharge from the hospital, I went to the village to brush up. Herself Statement painted treatment and strictly adhered to it. I get up very early — at 4 am, and drank half a cup of cold tea for the kidneys.

Here is his recipe: Mix equal parts horsetail, St. John’s wort and nettles, 2 tbsp. spoon mixture brewed in 0.5 liters of water.
After half an hour to drink 1-2 cups of warm infusion of sage with St. John’s wort, peppermint and balm, and then an hour later — a sip of vegetable juice. And not just swallowed but from the beginning, as it were rinsed his mouth. After 5 minutes — once as well. In total in the first half of the day doing 10-15 sips of juice, but only when there was a desire.

lose weight fast

Vegetable juice is ready so: Mix 30 ml radish juice, 100 ml celery, carrot 100 ml and 300 ml of beetroot juice.

In between, again drinking sage tea with other herbs juice between meals, but only have a cold and how much you want. In the middle of the day and before going to bed — again on a half cup of kidney tea. After lunch — a few sips of juice. In just a day, I drink a glass of juice.

And three weeks later became even every day to go to the village bath with a birch broom. And in general began to move more work, even on the hay went to the garden. It took one and a half months. Yes, did not say the most important thing: all this time, she did not eat anything.

It was hard the first week, and then there was so light that did not want to have anything.
As a result of such unloading gone 18 kg, reduced pressure, and swelling about not talking. In general, the city returned to a normal person, but flour, sweet but smoked all still do not eat, do not need it to her. I think that will soon go away, and all the rest is superfluous.


Rustic slimming.



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