Birch buds will help.

Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatism. Those who live in the countryside know about birch buds. This is an indispensable remedy for many ailments.

But I want to share with your readers recipes from rheumatism. Winter in our area have now become some strange: the frost under thirty degrees, then thaw, melting all around. That and look, blow! But I’m not afraid of any drafts, and if they will suddenly lower back ache, I have always in stock procured dried birch buds.

I have them brew and drink as tea. Propoteesh — and let go of all hvoroby. But the most powerful tool in the treatment of rheumatism in our country believe the ointment of birch buds, and there it is literally in every home.

And cook it well.

Take 800 g of fresh butter. Take the time to buy in the market, the shop does not fit. Put oil in a clay pot with layers of birch buds: a layer of oil slightly more inches thick and the same layer of the kidney. So do as long as the pot is not complete. Then firmly close it and put the mixture in the oven protomai.

Now squeeze the oil from the kidneys, and put about 1-2 hours. The spoon of camphor, comminuted into a powder. All ointment is ready! Keep it tightly closed in a cool place and rub all patients with rheumatism place once a day, preferably in the evening before bedtime.





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