Rheumatism hands

Lilac saves hands

inflammatory rheumatism

An effective way to ease the pain of hands. Previously, I always suffered from rheumatism strongest hand, especially after washing or dishwashing. But someone from acquaintances advised to make a tincture of lilac flowers simple.

To do this, take a dark bottle, fill it with flowers of lilac, pour vodka and infuse for two weeks.
After cooking, you just need to rub your hands overnight.
I used this recipe, though, to tell the truth, do not really believe in its effectiveness. But after two weeks, I noticed that his hands no longer hurt, but just in case, rubbing his hands with tincture of lilac another couple of weeks.

And now seven years old, I do not remember about his rheumatism. I’d like to hope that my prescription will be useful to someone else, because in these difficult times, when many drugs are no longer available because of the high cost, to cope with the disease can be a joint effort.





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