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+ + How to reduce the pressure at home

The woman was not fifty when she began to notice that the head aches and feels like a strange, hard. Somehow it did not immediately guess that this may be the pressure until it took a tonometer instrument, and several times during the ailments pressure is measured. It turns out, almost jumped up to 150!
This is hypertension, which means that it threatens those pleasures of life, like a heart attack,
stroke, heart failure — all with hypertension begins.

But to the doctor she did not go. What would they help? be written out tablets and all. And drugs that reduce pressure, this case is: start to drink, and drink rest of his life. It did not want, the more that she did not think she had any serious problem. If high blood pressure, it is only beginning. And her heart failures has not happened, so decided to try some soft, natural means.
I looked in the references, read about different grass and made herself a medical collection.

+ + How to reduce the pressure at home
Bought and mixed three packs pyatidesyatigrammovyh grass Leonurus and cottonweed, two packs of wild rosemary and a pack of kidney tea.
I took a full tablespoon of the collection and brewed a half cups of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes and to insist, wrapped, for 4 hours. Then filter and take 3 times a day for half a glass before a meal. I saw a long time, gradually began to notice that the head does not hurt, the pressure does not rise.

+ + How to reduce the pressure at home
And in the country I grew bushes of hawthorn, thought no benefit from these berries. But notice, here and there, hawthorn praise just like a means of pressure.
I gather up a few berries: some frozen, some began to dry and to add tea with tea leaves. And tasty, and useful.
And I noticed that my nerves after a cup of this tea calm down, fall asleep more easily. Also good. So useful hawthorn bushes.

So stop the «hypertension», did not give her a chance to turn around. I think many will this recipe, the pressure is now almost every after forty suffers.




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