Potatoes in the home cosmetics

Potatoes in the home cosmetics

Potatoes as raw and cooked, have long been used in folk medicine for cosmetic purposes, and it is not surprising, since its tubers have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. To this day, this root vegetable is not only one of the most affordable and effective means of domestic cosmetics and beautician generalist: potatoes will also help with burns, and frostbite, get rid of edema, wrinkles, it is useful and oily, and dry skin.

Swedish mask
skin care treatments
Mask refreshes, nourishes, smoothes and bleaches any skin, but especially dry and aging, making it supple and soft. For its preparation Boil the potatoes in their skins a tuber, then remove the peel, mash tuber, add 1-2 tbsp. spoons of hot milk and 1 egg yolk. The resulting puree, heat in a water bath and the hot mixture (which can only tolerate, but not to burn yourself) Spread a thin layer of the face and cover with thick cloth or towel. After 15-20 minutes rinse
mask hot and then cold water.

And the cure and calm …

• Raw potatoes soothe irritated skin and relieve swelling.
It is used in the form of pulp or juice, or use fresh cut tuber.
• If you are burned in the kitchen, it will soothe the pain and prevent blisters immediate imposition on the affected area of raw grated potatoes or just potato slice. Compress of potato juice treat frostbitten nose.
• Raw potatoes reduces inflammation and swelling of the eyelids.
When skin puffiness under the eyes of the pulp of fresh grated potatoes wrap in gauze and place on eyelids for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with cool water, tea or chamomile extract. Procedures are carried out 2-3 times a week.
• Boiled potatoes well softens the skin — not for nothing called the mashed potatoes balm for the skin.
• dry oily skin mask boiled in their skins and mashed potatoes, mixed with 2-3 tbsp. spoons of oatmeal.

Hands and legs gently from potatoes
Potato treatments are available and are very effective in the care of hands and feet. Mashed boiled potatoes and water, fused out of boiled potatoes, They are an excellent means to alleviate irritated, calloused, or cracked skin of hands and feet.
• Boiled potato mash with milk mush, add flour
and stir the resulting mixture to the consistency of a thick paste, apply on your hands.
After 10 minutes, wash your hands with warm water and rub nourishing cream. By the way, potatoes with milk, not only perfectly softens the skin, but it is well whitens.
• If your skin peel off, blush, become rough, you can help 10-15-minute baths for hands in ottsezhenny potato broth. After the bath, lubricate your hands greasy cream.
• Excellent care of the feet of raw potatoes. Rub the heel slice of raw potato and then sit for 5-10 minutes, then wash the feet in warm water and wipe them dry — This procedure is well exfoliates dead skin dries and cracks on your heels.

Potato-soda foot bath

Such a procedure will help restore smoothness and tenderness of rough, flaky heels. Boil three potatoes in their skins, and cook in a little water to the potatoes then this could potoloch. Get the hottest potato liquid drain into the basin (after you potatoes potolkli, can either be drained or be placed in a bowl all the resulting potato mixture), then put a tablespoon with the top of the soda and add a little cold water to keep your feet can be put in tub and steam them. In a potato-soda bath to keep your feet for 5-7 minutes. Then fine pumice or a soft brush to clean the soles — in the direction from the heel to the toes. Then rinse feet, wipe dry, apply a rich cream for feet, and after 5-7 minutes pat feet dry cloth or piece of gauze.
If you are on your heels rather deep cracks and sores, make potato and soda foot bath with the addition of chamomile: add to hot potato broth is not water, and ostuzhennoy camomile tea, and also add the soda. Then the bath will be more and antiseptic effect. Tray made of approximately 2 x 1 liter of broth of potato and 1 liter of infusion of chamomile.

Potatoes in the home cosmetics

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