Paraffin is a wax-like substance with a melting temperature of 40-65 ° C, obtained from a synthetic oil
means. Paraffin is a coarse grating. In appearance it is a white translucent solid mass of odorless and tasteless. To warm the wax started to be used since 1909.
Special experiments revealed that human skin can withstand without scalding water with a temperature of 45 ° C, mud — 50 ° C, and paraffin — 60 ° C, and in some tests -up to 70 ° C. Furthermore, paraffin cools more than in 3 times slower than, for example, sand.
Congealing paraffin is reduced in volume by about 10% and compresses body tissue covering those to which it was applied, gently squeezing it. The paraffin, depending on the variety, contains 0,6-5% oil fractions, and it also softens the skin. Paraffin procedures usually initially melted in a water bath and then cooled to a desired temperature depending on the method of its application. Duration paraffin treatments is usually 30-60 minutes, they should be carried out in a day. Rest after the procedure for at least 1 hour.

Below are 4 main ways paraffin.

1. The molten paraffin at 60-65 ° C is applied to a flat brush or cotton swab to the desired area of the body layers repeated until a layer thickness of 1 cm or more. Then this site is covered with a piece of plastic film and muffle wool or cotton blanket.

2. This method can be used only in the home for treatment of the hands and of the feet and requires much larger amounts of
paraffin. He concludes that the hand or foot first coated with paraffin by the first method, and then dipped in a bucket or
other utensils into which molten wax is poured at a temperature 60-65 ° C.

3. Put on medical or household rubber gloves and prepared napkins prostegivaya 8-10 layers of fabric. napkins
immersed in molten wax at a temperature 60-65 ° C, squeezed between two plates (this can be done only with gloves) and applied to the desired area of the body after prior coating with a thin layer of wax in the first method. Then, as in the first method, a body portion and a cover film wrapped blanket.

4. The most convenient way to treat at home. Melted wax is poured into the plate shape or fotokyuvetu casting aspic depending on the size of the paraffin pellet — applications -. 1.2 cm thick layer of Cured, but still soft cake (usually paraffin corresponds to a temperature 50-54 ° C) is removed from the mold, pre-cutting the edge on, and applied to the desired area of the body. Then, just as in previous methods, insulate it.
The treatment of arthritis — 10-30 procedures, 1 procedure is performed treatment is not more than 2-3 joints at the same time, alternating between them.


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