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PAP Pharaonic times. Porridge health.

BARLEY — cereal, a person familiar with antiquity. In Egypt, barley is known since the days of the pharaohs, later this culture began to grow in Greece and the Roman Empire. Around the XV century to barley grain is mainly used for grinding into flour for baking bread. Then Barleycorn learned to recycle, receiving from it grains for preparation of various dishes.
Name one of these cereals — barley — is derived from the Old Russian word «pearl» — pearl. In the XIX century in Russia barley porridge it was probably the most popular.

What mess most useful.

Today, barley ranked fourth in the world production of cereals, from it produce pearl barley and cereal, and a variety of cereals and rolled cereals.
barley more valuable protein amino acid composition than wheat protein, especially in the amino acid content. Mineral substances in the barley groats is much less than in solid pearl. Barley porridge is an excellent means of prevention of anemia, alimentary obesity, colitis, constipation. In turn, the barley porridge more forgiving. By the way, these two cereals, boiled in water and then diluted with milk, is much more useful the same porridge, boiled in milk.

PAP Pharaonic times.

Barley grits — is crushed barley kernel particles, are exempt from Flower Films. At its manufacturing grinding grain is not exposed, so the barley groats more fiber contained in comparison with pearl. A pearl barley — is refined, polished grains from selected barley, freed from the fruit and the seed coat and germ, well polished and sorted by size.

Pearl barley contains a rich set of vitamins: vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, and D, as well as trace elements such as iron, calcium, copper, iodine, but the main thing — phosphorus — it in the pearl barley is two times more than other cereals. Recall that phosphorus is responsible for normal metabolism and neuronal cells, as well as providing the speed and force of muscle contraction.
Pearl barley contains valuable amino acids such as lysine. This compound has antiviral activity against herpes virus and virus causing acute catarrhal infection. Lysine is responsible for the vitality of the heart muscle and collagen, makes our skin smooth and supple.

As you can see, pearl barley is worthy to appear more often on our table, the more of it that can be cooked many delicious dishes, but are not limited boring porridge

PAP Pharaonic times

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