Obesity and debts

How Obesity and Debt Are Linked: An Interesting Theory

The issue of obesity for many and many representatives of the human race is an urgent problem. Scientists dealing with this problem have identified several ways and reasons why a person can become obese. These are purely physiological factors, such as the work of individual parts of the brain responsible for metabolism in the body, and heredity, and a sedentary lifestyle, and the type of nutrition, and the lack of certain vitamins, and the psychological state of man.

A simple example.
Summer, heat, the desire to eat was almost absent before, and now, coming to work, I want to drink an extra cup of coffee or tea, but with a mandatory bun or candy. At home, too, instead of fruit and salad, something is prepared from the winter kitchen. Gradually, instead of dropping a kilogram, new ones are recruited. Wine in this small amount of vitamin D, produced by the body because of the lack of sufficient sunlight. It will not help either the tanning salon or the pharmacy vitamins — only the present was shining, so in summer it is worth a week to get out on holiday, and not to stay at home on the weekends, but to take long walks in the fresh air.

Be sure to drink more, but not carbonated or other purchased drinks — they contain a lot of sugar. Simple water, green tea, fresh juices, fruit drinks, compotes — especially home-made preparations — will help and quench your thirst, and help the body fight heat and excess weight.

But the issue of fluid absorption and normal nutrition is much easier to control than the psychological cause of obesity.

German doctors came to the conclusion that debts can also contribute to obesity. This manifests itself in two components.

Firstly, people who have debts are trying to spend less money on food, doing what is more satisfying and cheaper: potatoes, pasta, natural oil substitutes, etc. Also, they are not inclined to spend money and time on sports, enough sleep and rest, preferring to work longer to earn more and give back their debts quickly.
Secondly, the state when a person needs something is perceived by the body as stress and there is an accumulation of fatty deposits «for the future» — suddenly the situation will worsen even more.

In such situations, an active load can help — walking, for example, and mandatory sleep — it is known that a sleep-depriving person consumes significantly more food than he needs.
These tips are not a panacea, but an opportunity to support oneself in difficult situations, in order not to get a new reason for excitement, and, accordingly, to set the mass.


Obesity and debts

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