natural hormones

Make food your medicine

natural hormones

Often, women’s diseases, including breast tumors, are associated with a violation of the hormonal balance.
To normalize the hormonal processes, it is necessary to eat foods rich in phytohormones, which include cereal grains, food plants from the family of legumes (soy, peas, beans — especially saturated color, horse beans and such legumes as beans, such as mung beans and chickpeas).

In addition, phytohormones contain turmeric, tarragon and onions.
Peanuts are good for you — eat it whenever you want.
Use more seeds and nuts (because they also contain a lot of phytohormones): sunflower seeds and pumpkins, apple seeds, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts.
It is noted that with a moderate use of flax seeds, the hormonal balance of a woman comes to normal.
The greatest benefit comes from ground flaxseed with kefir overnight.



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