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After birth, I began to gain weight quickly. During pregnancy, I had to eat for two, and then could not stop.

Previously I wore size 46 and now wear more cape remind began. I tried to count calories, limited pastry, sweet, fat, pressed on fruits and vegetables.
But what kind of life: most of the time you go hungry, hands themselves strive to open the fridge and make buterbrodik. Summer still managed to lose some weight, but in the winter the lost weight back again.

Then I started collecting recipes of different diets. But she could not choose the right: it is necessary to prepare vegetable soups, the washed rice to eat, then do some exotic fruits and vegetables to eat. And so the days of the plate is not waste — for the whole family cooking. Where is the time and effort to find that even for low-calorie dish to cook?

So somehow I came across an article watermelon diet. And he painted it was very tempting: a pier, with a small amount of calories eaten a large pulp gives a feeling of satiety, and a high water content prevents thirst. It was what I needed! And then during the fasting days nerves, like a string — at home I fail.

More has been written that this diet increases the excretion of excess salt, regulates the acid-alkaline balance and normalize the bowels. I illuminate this diet, and just then, and watermelon season. I immediately bought two large watermelon, one for the family, the second — for himself. Every day I had to eat about 8 kg of watermelon pulp (the rate of 1 kg of pulp per 10 kg body weight). The first day was given to me easily — the belly all the time was «packed» and eat did not want to.
The only disadvantage of this diet — had not stray too far from the toilet.
On the second day it seemed to me that I was literally swollen from fluid, but not the severity of abdominal pain, bloating or did not. For five days I was able to lose more than three kilograms.

The next ten days, I was a little to diversify the diet: for breakfast ate a small piece of cheese, unsweetened porridge on the water for dinner — a piece of boiled chicken without skin, fish, salad of fresh vegetables. A supper solid portion of watermelon — a kilogram for two and a half. During these days I have even got rid of 5 kg.

My joy knew no bounds. However, I made one mistake. Immediately after the diet is back to its usual food and, of course, again recovered.

But the next year I was smarter. Served on the watermelon diet, she lost weight and tried to normalize their food.
It consisted in the fact that I refused to sweet and starchy foods. Well, except that in the holiday letting a small piece of cake.
Every week to arrange fasting days — one, or even two.
Survive without food difficult, simply uncontrollable appetite. But it was not until as long as I was not advised to drink a decoction of maize stigmas. My friend said that from this broth of food do not remember.
I bought in a drugstore a couple packs of these stigmas and began to prepare himself for the broth:
3 h. Spoon pour a glass of boiling water and tormented 15 minutes in a water bath, then filtered and allowed to cool, pour into a bottle and carried it everywhere with him. Saw by sip the broth, and ate something very low-calorie: a couple of apples, salad of boiled grated beets, cottage cheese low fat, tea
honey, for dinner — boiled fish, or yogurt.

And surprise: there was no traction to the refrigerator.

And I was advised a great tool for weight loss, which used in India need to drink during the day          every 40 minutes 5 sips of conventional hot water. At first difficult, but then you get used.
This allows me to keep a normal weight: fasting days each week, hot water on the other days when            I feel that weight crept up and, of course, every autumn — watermelon diet.

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