Multiple sclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis.

If sclerosis in general is a consolidation of organs, walls of blood vessels and tissues with a violation of the supply of nutrients, blood, oxygen to them, multiple sclerosis — when the sclerotic foci are scattered over the brain and spinal cord, the heavier the central nervous system is affected.

Multiple sclerosis is a long and intractable disease, but folk medicine has long used a number of medicinal herbs that help and soften the course of this serious disease.

For example, flowers or clover seeds: 3 teaspoons of clover flower heads insist an hour in a closed jar in a glass of boiling water, drain. Drink a quarter of a glass 4 times a day for 20 minutes before eating.

The root of the orchis is ground and a teaspoonful of powder is shaken for a long time in a glass of boiling water or milk until thick mucus is obtained. Add 4 tablespoons of grape wine. Drink a quarter cup 4 times a day. In passing, get rid of sexual impotence, kidney stones and various kinds of seizures.

Crayfish — a teaspoon of herbs for a glass of boiling water. Insist 3-4 hours. Strain. Drink 15 minutes before eating 1/2 cup 3 times a day.


Corn is in any form — fresh, boiled, canned, and in winter — corn stigmas — a teaspoon with the top stigma on a glass of boiling water, insist an hour in a sealed container, strain, drink on a tablespoon 4 times a day before meals.



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