medicine for cold

In anticipation of cold weather

medicine for cold

In anticipation of the cold season, we would like to remind some helpful tools:

• In such a medicine can be prepared as a tonic.
Dial-liter jar of rosehip flowers (do not press them too close to each other) and pour hot water, add 1 tbsp. spoon the juice of a squeezed lemon. Insist day. The courses are held twice a year. For example, take an infusion with 1 liter jars of wild rose flowers on the 1st year for 5 days.
• When sinusitis: dissolve 1 teaspoon salt in a glass (200 g) of boiled water.. Inhaling the saline nose to process all within the nasal passages. Better yet, take the sea water. Doing this 5-6 times a day for 3-5 days. And you can do when this without piercing the maxillary sinuses, and not to bring the case before the operation.

What add to the wild rose?

And itself rosehips — a great medicine. It is a storehouse of vitamins, doctor
from the huge number of diseases and a delicious drink or syrup. And if we know how to properly combine with rosehip other natural healers, the therapeutic effect will surpass any expectations …
• For example, dog rose and apple peel. Rose hips rinse with hot water, pour boiling water — to 1 tablespoon. spoon 1 cup, allowed to stand, covered for a couple, and then throw a handful of dried apple peel and give a little stand. Filter, add 2 tbsp. honey. A delicious vitamin drink improves
a dream.
• Or, wild rose and raspberry. Take dried rose hips and raspberries — equally. 1 tbsp. spoon mixture pour a glass of boiling water, allowed to stand 1:00 under the lid. Drink a glass with colds.
• And then there are the wild rose and mother-and-stepmother. Take 1 part dried leaves mother and stepmother, and 3 parts of rosehips. All crushed, pour boiling water, insist under the lid, filter. Thick again pour boiling water. Then both decoction combined, add honey to taste. Infusion helps in inflammatory processes in the lungs, the gastrointestinal tract.




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