liver disease

Medicinal herbs from hepatitis

liver disease
A large plantain leaf is — 20 grams,
Root chicory — 30 grams,
Herb St. John’s wort,
Flowers immortelle,
Calendula — 40 g each,
Flowers chamomile pharmacy — 10 grams,
Buckthorn bark — 30 g.

2 tbsp. Spoon mixture pour 0.5 liters of raw water at night, boil in the morning for 5 minutes, insist 30 minutes, drain.
Take 3/4 cup for 15 minutes before eating.

In this collection the plants have the following action:
Plantain — opens the bile ducts in the liver;
Chicory — improves metabolism (it is considered the most useful plant for liver diseases and especially jaundice);
St. John’s wort — has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, choleretic, stimulant, etc. Action (its phytoncides act overwhelmingly on the hepatitis virus, jaundice);
Flowers immortelle increase the secretion of bile, increase the tone of the gallbladder, promote the outflow of bile, change the viscosity and chemical composition of bile, relieve vomiting, nausea and much more;
Marigolds due to their phytoncidal properties limit inflammation and are used for liver diseases;
Chamomile acts as a carminative, diaphoretic, pacifies pain and cramps, softens;
The buckthorn bark acts as a weak and harmless laxative, normalizes the stool, has special phytoncides that can suppress viruses (treat scabies with scabies).

There are still many plants that can help our liver, we can not talk about all of them here, let alone list the recipes of folk medicine accumulated over the ages from hepatitis, but I can briefly tell you which plants have an effect when applied so that you can use them in different collections .

The European cauliflower is a poisonous plant, contains powerful phytoncides from viruses and bacteria, promotes relaxation and digestion, especially helps with liver diseases;

Flax seeds during brewing give a thick mucus, which has a slight laxative, enveloping and emollient action (prevents the absorption of toxins of the intestinal mucosa);

The shepherd’s bag is used for liver diseases, it helps to restore metabolism;

Kidney tea — has a pronounced diuretic effect and a number of others that contribute to the rapid removal of bile toxins and toxins from the body;

Yarrow — promotes the dissolution of bile, has antiparasitic properties (so necessary for the destruction of the hepatitis virus);

Peppermint — carminative, diaphoretic, improves digestion,
Reduces nausea;

Dog rose — possesses stimulating, bactericidal (destructive effect on malarial parasites), carminative and choleretic properties.


liver disease

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