Knee pain relief.

Knee pain relief.

Food for joints. Knee pain relief.

Knee pain relief. Asparagus is better known as a plant widely used in cooking, especially American.

I will give you some recipes for preparing various dishes from this protein-rich and vitamin-rich plant, which is in principle beneficial to the body and which helps to treat and prevent a variety of diseases, especially the joints.

The upper part and young shoots are used in the preparation of various salads, soups, as a side dish, can be preserved for the winter, and the peel is not removed from the green asparagus, and the white is peeled from the skin downwards before cooking.

From the seeds, drinks are prepared, which are reminiscent of hot chocolate, fruits are considered a substitute for coffee.

Knee pain relief.

To prepare the salad, cut the stems can be slightly extinguished, adding spices and vinegar to taste, draining the water, seasoning with dill and parsley, adding egg, butter or mayonnaise and serving.

You can diversify this salad — for example, make it with boiled carrots and parsley roots or canned green peas and corn.

Canned asparagus: boil the asparagus stems in salt water, put them head down into sterilized cans, pour salty decoction (per liter of water 100 g of salt) and sterilize 2 times for half an hour.

Articular drug

To treat and relieve pain in the joints, which today is found in almost every person, a drug of 50 grams of camphor, 50 grams of mustard powder, 100 mg of alcohol and 100 g of egg protein will help (an egg protein weighs an average of 35 grams).

In alcohol, consistently dissolve first camphor, then mustard.

Separately whip the protein, mix both compounds and rub into sick joints in the evening, before going to bed.


knee pain relief

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