How to get rid of insomnia

How to get rid of insomnia

For Treatment Of Insomnia

With our hectic lives many began to suffer from insomnia. I’ve been collecting folk recipes for insomnia.
I consider it my duty to acquaint readers with these recipes.

1) Dill broth — perfectly harmless, but most importantly will provide a good sleep.
Take fennel seeds (50 g) and pour 0.5 liters of Cahors. On low heat cook for 10-15 minutes. Drink the broth at bedtime for 1 st. spoon.

2) Wash your feet at night is cold and hot water.
Relieves fatigue, such a procedure, calms the nervous system and improves sleep, insomnia shoots. A warm shower is also good help.

3) Lavender oil — will ensure a good sleep.
It is necessary to lubricate the whiskey before going to bed. Total 3-5 drops of oil on a piece of sugar drop, sucking at bedtime.

4) Hmel.- even in severe insomnia success is guaranteed.
In 1 cup of boiling water should be 2 hours. Tablespoons of hop cones. Wrap up an infusion towel, 4 chasapust infusion, then drain. Drink a full glass on the night, so prepare in advance the infusion.
You can make a «pillow few drinks.» To do this, tamp pillowcase hops. Sleep will be like the dead!

5) Can not sleep? A pair of white bread slices (from white loaf) will help you fall asleep quickly. A glass of warm milk — too. But do not eat cheese before going to bed — not going to sleep!

6) People who suffer from insomnia, need sunlight, or a substitute for every day. Trouble with sleep experienced by those who spend most of their time indoors.

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