how to treat gout

how to treat gout

arthritis pain relief

With age, many suffer from joint pain: older people are attacked by diseases with such names as gout, arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatic diseases.
Scientifically proven that the basis of all these diseases is a metabolic disorder.

In the East, this reason is known for a long time, they knew that poor digestion, as well as insufficient work of excretory organs — kidneys, liver, intestines, lead to intoxication of the body, which, accumulating over the years, is then sent to the bone.
Diseases of the joints are difficult to treat, since the bones are in the middle of our body, and it is not easy to remove intoxication from there.
In this case it is phytotherapy that is effective enough and gives a positive result, as in the case of other chronic diseases. But since joint diseases accumulate for months and even years, you need to tune in to long-term treatment, the fact that you will have to take herbs, perhaps for many years.

Remove intoxication

In joint diseases, it is important to adhere to proper nutrition:
The diet should consist mainly of plant foods, because it
Removes intoxication. It is desirable to exclude difficult digestible
Products: meat, fat, pork, mushrooms. Proper nutrition is important not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of joint diseases.
Already from 40-50 years old, joint diseases worry many people, and by the age of 70 almost all joints ache and there are difficulties with movement.
So go to the predominantly vegetative food as early as possible — do not wait for the affected joints to make themselves felt.

«We kindle a fire» of digestion

So, you have already understood that plants that improve metabolism, digestion, liver, kidney and intestinal functions are primarily needed for the treatment of joint diseases. In the East they say that for successful treatment
It is necessary «to kindle the fire of digestion,» that is, to improve the work of the stomach, so that the food is completely processed in the gastrointestinal tract and the undigested remains of food are removed from the body in a timely manner.

To make the stomach work well, various spices should be added to food: dill, parsley, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves, onions, garlic, nutmeg. All these spices improve digestion.

Joints love bathhouse!

In addition to diet and medicinal plants, a sauna or a sauna is good. It is necessary to arrange periodic trips to the bathhouse, to the sauna and not just for the sake of cleanliness — because now there are few city apartments without a bath, the soul — the fact is that the body warms up in a bath and then toxic substances and excess salts leave. Bath and sauna are included in the complex treatment of arthritis and arthrosis, that is, joint diseases.


how to treat gout

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