HOW TO STOP Migraine?

HOW TO STOP Migraine?

Migraine Symptoms and Treatment +

My husband has long suffered from migraine, nothing doctors could not help us, whatever they wrote out, to no avail. Looking at her husband during an attack, I wanted to cry. I am constantly looking for different means from migraines, and once told me about a method of treatment.

It looks like this: when approaching a fit to drink 2 tablets shpy and forty minutes — a small cup of  strong, very sweet coffee.

Recipe at first sight strange, but I was told that he has a migraine action on three sides.

Nospanum relieves spasms in the blood sucked it just over half an hour and then falls into the body caffeine, which increases blood circulation and, consequently, action shpy. A sugar in its turn, improves the liver and gall bladder. It may seem that it is here at all to do with it, but it turns out, migraines often accompanied by problems with these, far from the head, authorities.

HOW TO STOP Migraine


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