How to stop losing weight

How to stop losing weight and start living?

In today’s world, the real weight loss epidemic broke out. Fashion dictates modern standards of beauty: if 25 years ago the leading model weighed 10% less than the average woman, but now they have less weight by 25%. And the pursuit of this great ideal of the so-called complicate the lives of ordinary women and not the best impact on health. The saddest thing is that the standards of beauty are formed in the minds of very early — girls from childhood often praise it for the look, and by adolescence own body for many girls becomes painful topic.

By 16-17 years the body becomes the enemy, and the desire to lose weight is becoming a serious psychological problem that remains with a woman for life.
And the root of the problem lies in the lack of love for your body, but not in excess kilograms.

It poured it all into a permanent concern of the figure, the desire something then it changed, and it not only spoils the life of the woman herself, but also discourages others. It has long been known that the charm and attractiveness of a woman gives love yourself and your body, which deserves much better treatment than an endless series of restrictions.

• Almost 90% of women would like to reduce their weight, and 80% of girls under 18 years old were sitting on a diet.
• In 45% of girls losing weight there is a lack of weight.
• 98% of people who lose weight on a diet soon gain it again, with 90% gaining more than dropped during a diet.

To make peace with your body.

So, if you feel that you are in constant conflict with your body and your diet marathon calculated in years, it is time to change the situation and make peace with your body. And it will be much more useful to you than a couple of kilos, dropped on a regular diet.
First of all, give up the hard starvation diet. It is well known that after such diets dumped kgs definitely return, even «friends» with a lead. A prolonged restrictive diets can cause dehydration and dryness of the skin, muscle loss, anemia, hair loss and even osteoporosis, menstrual irregularities, because adipose tissue is involved in the development of estrogen.

Constant dieting early go late robs you of energy and desire to do something, even move becomes lazy, sex life because of it, too, suffers. And you will gradually turn into a killjoy who only thinks of calories eaten, speaks only about the food at the store and restaurants for a long time studying labels and menus, counting calories and fat and carbohydrates. Dealing with such a man very few people like.

Diet is canceled!

The diet we canceled now continue the reconciliation with his own body and build a new image, based on their strengths.
This is very important — to find the something attractive.

Every morning, looking in the mirror and try to find the something new, albeit small point, but one that you definitely like it. Today it can be eyelashes, lips and so on tomorrow. Imagine that you are looking at a man in love, and try to see myself through his eyes. Lovers do not see the flaws do not notice them, the object of love is perfect without flaws.

Catching this feeling, memorize it and live with it. Be sure to pay attention to what you say and think about your body. Remember that scold him extremely harmful to mental and physical health. Of course, you did not once.

It’s time to ask for forgiveness for all the hurtful words that you said in the address of his body, and for all abandon even negative thoughts about him.

This does not mean that you need to deceive ourselves — just look for the positive qualities and strongly emphasizes them: you have full hips, but a thin waist, broad back, but the shapely long legs. That is how we treat your loved ones: their weaknesses, we definitely known, but they do not make people less expensive for us. And our body, we hurt for years, deserve the same treatment. Generally, the most important thing we can do for your figure — take her imperfections and finally become herself. Happy to live with what we have, not trying to break me every minute. After all, any imperfection has its own strengths and can be a highlight.

! This does not mean that you can indulge in all serious, there are cakes and buns and throw training.

Move a must, even if it will not exercise wear, and dancing or walking. Stop thinking about the waist and study of weight ratios. If you practice a reasonable diet and lead an active lifestyle, good feel and rejoice with each passing day, the numbers on the scale do not matter.

How to stop losing weight


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