How to restore youthfulness of the face

How to restore youthfulness of the face?

Emotions, as a rule, are reflected on our face. And this means that with grief and joy, with irritation and trouble, with illness, and also with a good mood and pleasure brain nerve impulses unconsciously contract or relax different groups of facial muscles.

And we are pleased that in the brain cell these functions are reversible. Therefore, when something is unpleasant to you, it is enough to make a cheerful face and the biocurrents entering the brain will cause a change in your mood.

With age, facial skin loses its elasticity and elasticity, the subcutaneous fatty tissue is thinned, elastic fibers are destroyed, muscles are weakened and the skin is stretched.
The person as though «flows down» downwards. And, the first wrinkles can appear on the forehead as early as 30 years. It is impossible to interfere with this process, but substantially you can remove it.

The cause of wrinkles can be transmitted infectious and chronic diseases, the habit of screwing up your eyes, wrinkling your nose or raising your eyebrows at a time when you are amazed or express anger (facial wrinkles).

Formed wrinkles in nervous people, as well as those who are many and unnaturally laugh.
Follow yourselves, the expression of your face should be calm, friendly, affable.
And generally there are no women without age, but one needs to grow old beautifully and with dignity.
Your task is to make aging invisible. And to look twenty years younger is not a problem.

To deep wrinkles leads and the habit of sleeping on the cheek.
Particularly old face wrinkles, which begin from the wings of the nose and go to the corners of the mouth.
To straighten these wrinkles, I recommend that you often inflate your cheeks and gently tap your wrists with your fists, while keep your jaw open.

With volitional gymnastics and thermal massage for the face you will get to know HERE






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