how to lose weight

Exercise will help lose weight

how to lose weight

A woman should choose what is best for her: either from the morning to the evening practice at the gym or do liposuction, and then for many years feel uncomfortable with the injections.
Physical activity is an important factor in a healthy lifestyle.

A middle-aged woman is especially important to understand the need for daily morning exercises. After sleep, the body must return to active activity, gymnastics greatly facilitates this process.

The duration of the gymnastics is 15-20 minutes. It is known that the room for classes should be well ventilated. Before classes you can drink
A cup of raw or boiled water at room temperature.

how to lose weight

And those who want to spend as much as possible a kilocalorie during the exercises, we offer exercises that help get rid of fatty folds on the abdomen.

1. The starting position — sitting on the floor, legs stretched forward, hands to rest against the floor.
Raise the right leg, without bending at the knees, bend the right leg in the knee and touch with the fingers of that floor floor on the left behind the left foot. Again, straighten the right leg in the knee, lower and take the starting position.

2. Starting position — lying on the back, arms stretched along the trunk.
From the starting position, go to the sitting position (arms outstretched, shoulders
Deployed, arms along the trunk). From the sitting position, return to the starting position. This exercise is quite complicated.
Go to the sitting position with extended shoulders and an extended neck. You can not hump. Turning to the sitting position, stretch upwards
Thorax. Returning to the starting position, lean against the floor first with the waist, then with the shoulder blades and then the head. When you master this exercise, you can complicate it by hooking your hands on the back of your neck and pulling them forward or up, and your legs bend at the knees.


how to lose weight

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