The virus, which is always with you

Nerpes simplex virus.

Herpes — unpleasant but not fatal disease, first described in the times of ancient Greece by Hippocrates. From Greek is translated as herpes creeping disease — viscous, uncompromising, untreatable, are caused by viruses.

Nerpes simplex virus.
Herpes simplex type 1 often causes manifestations
on the lips, and herpes simplex virus type 2 is manifested in the form of genital lesions.
Interesting fact: the risk of contracting genital herpes in women is higher than men, which is associated with vaginal physiology characteristics.

The world’s population (90%), herpes viruses infected. That is their carrier today is almost everyone. If there are painful acute 4-5 times a year and there are only a rash on the lips, nothing to worry about — the body system failures, most likely not. The only important thing to learn quickly, not postponing, exacerbation shoot.
But if exacerbation occur more frequently, the rash does not appear only on your lips, but also in other parts of the body, with the vast, carefully go immunological examination. Older people have frequent recurrences of herpes may indicate the development of unpleasant (tumor) processes. These processes are accompanied by immunodeficiency.

Scientists have created antiherpetic vaccine, antiviral drugs and various ointments, but, alas, they are not very effective. So far, this method of treatment does not exist to permanently get rid of the herpes infection.

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