Herbs to help the liver.

Herbs to help the liver.

Liver cleansing at home.

On the treatment of gastric cancer with liver metastases.
Interested antitumor recipe collection for the liver, which includes dodder, namely in what proportion come from the grass?

Herbs to help the liver.

Brewing or insist on how and when to drink.
How and what to push and in what proportions.

If you are in possession has Cuscuta europaea, it is sufficient to use this plant.

Prepare a tincture Dodder, which Dodder 30g pour 500 grams of vodka.
Insist in a dark place for two weeks, stirring occasionally, then strain. Dodder refers to slaboyadovitym plants. Its tincture take 10 drops 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals.

Since the oncologic process spread to the liver, it is necessary to improve the function of the liver herbs.
For these purposes, very good gentian, which improves liver function and has an antitumor effect.

From Gentian also prepare a tincture, taking 30 grams of dried herbs per 500 g of vodka. Take 5 drops of tincture of gentian, 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals.

Tincture of gentian should be dripping in 30-50 ml of water, stir, and then drink.
Drink infusions and dodder gentian takes a long time — up to 6 months after making every three weeks of week break.

Since the primary tumor is localized in the stomach, so you need to take the same herbs for stomach.
For example, tincture of hemlock, which is the universal healer for any cancer. It is advisable to take chaga — in the pharmacy to buy the drug from the fungus «Befungin» and take it 3 times a day in a teaspoon of water. Useful herbs are improving the stomach, increasing the acidity of gastric juice — plantain, oregano, sweet flag marsh.
Along with taking anticancer herbs should be done inside a lotion or rubbing of the grass on the stomach and liver. Rub the need for 5 minutes the same weed tincture or tincture of hemlock.





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