Help with alcoholism.


alcohol addiction

On the emetic property it is also based application hellebore as a means against drunkenness and alcoholism.
I must say that the most popular hellebore received as an effective remedy against drunkenness and alcoholism, but only in folk medicine. Until then just not smart enough unhappy wife and mother, who in great despair, capable of any feats, just to save a drowning in a glass of vodka a loved one. That began to apply hellebore. This contributed to the fact that hellebore has a strong emetic properties.

alcohol addiction

However, before you treat, you must know how to do it right. First, the patient must be fed. Giving the medicine should only be the case if the patient is in a drunken state, and he must know that he is given a cure for alcoholism. Unbeknownst to the patient it is added from 2 to 20 drops (it should start with small doses, because the organisms are different) tincture of hellebore in any food:.. Soup, tea, juice, etc. After a while, the patient opens vomiting.

Hellebore can give and as a tincture, which about 4 grams (teaspoon) crushed material to pour 50 ml of boiling water, infuse for about two hours, strain. The initial dose is 2-3 drops, gradually increase the dose (6, 10, 15 drops, etc.) until the gag — laxative effect, general depression, feelings of acute aversion to alcohol. In the selection of dose infusion given once with food, can be added to drinks.

alcohol addiction

hellebore preparations do not have a sharp specific taste and smell.
When this treatment is necessary to make sure that the patient was at home. In some cases, becomes rapid heartbeat, blood pressure can drop, it weakens the patient.
Psychotherapy is very appropriate: it is necessary to suggest to the patient that he had been poisoned vodka (wine, beer). These procedures are carried out up to eight times, after which comes the aversion to alcohol. I heard that some patients after such treatment do not take alcohol to two years. But, of course, individually. If necessary, repeat treatment courses. However, without medical supervision, I would not recommend the use of this poisonous plant for the treatment of alcoholism.



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