Medicinal properties

hellebore water use

Veratrum has analgesic, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal effect, stimulates and then depresses the nervous system, dilates blood vessels, stimulates the striated muscles.
Hellebore main active principle — its constituent alkaloids, and their content is particularly high in the roots (2.4%), lower in the rhizomes (1.3%) and in the grass — 0.55%.
The main structural core of all studied alkaloids are hellebore alkaminy or aminoalcohols.

Alkaloids hellebore lower blood pressure at the same time significantly increasing the amplitude of heart contractions, irritate the end of the sensory nerves, causing severe sneezing and coughing.
hellebore water use
Veratrum is a highly poisonous plant, on the strength of toxicity it is superior
hemlock. Most often it is used externally as a painkiller and an irritating agent for the treatment of various diseases of the joints (gout, arthritis), neuralgia, myalgia, sciatica, rheumatism. Use ointment, decoction and alcoholic tincture of hellebore.



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