Heartburn Charges

Heartburn Charges

Heartburn Charges

  1. Poorly taken licorice root, St. John’s wort, pharmacy chamomile, yarrow and celandine. Boil 15 g of the collection in 500 ml of water for no longer than a quarter of an hour, then insist to cool. Drink a cup three times an hour after eating.
    Since the composition of the broth is celandine, an independent intake for treatment is not recommended.
  2. When burping with rotten eggs, the treatment is performed with a decoction of St. John’s wort and yarrow. Components are taken equally. Three large spoons are poured with a liter of water and boiled for three minutes over low heat. Filter and consume three glasses twice a day.
  3. Four of the St. John’s wort are mixed with four — lemon balm, three — plantain, two nettles and oregano. Pour 1 tbsp. l raw materials with three circles of moisture and bring to a boil. Allow to stand for about three hours. Take half a glass four times before meals.

Heartburn Charges

  1. For a tablespoon, mix the seeds of anise, fennel and dill. Fifteen grams of grass in 200 ml of moisture is boiled for twenty minutes. They let stand for five hours and drink a glass a day.
  2. With increased acidity, a decoction is prepared from taken in two parts of mint, St. John’s wort and yarrow, one each — bobover and dill seed. Boil 1 tbsp. l collecting in 250 ml of water for five minutes and let stand. Take a glass five times.
  3. If low acidity is observed, take ten grams of valerian, mint, dill, chamomile and caraway seeds. Enter five grams of hops. Ten grams of the collection is added to 300 ml of water and boiled. Use half a cup twice a day.


At home, you can cook a quick-acting remedy against manifestations of heartburn — a special powder. In some cases, the powders are diluted with water, in others they are simply washed down.

  1. Take a small pinch of crushed calamus roots, combine with a handful of chalk crushed into powder. A dessert spoon of the finished mixture is diluted in a cup of water. Divided into three servings and consumed per day. The recipe helps in relieving bloating, eliminates heartburn with gastritis.
    Chalk is not the best medicine, because, settling on the inner shell of blood vessels, damages the kidneys and harms the respiratory system.
  2. The peeled eggshell is ground into powder. At the next attack of heartburn, a pinch of powder is eaten, washed down with clean moisture.
  3. Take buckwheat, heat in a pan until the moment when the grains acquire a dark color. After grinding it in a coffee grinder. The resulting powder, in the amount of a dessert spoon, is added to a cup of water. Three doses should be taken per day.
  4. Ten tablets of activated carbon are crushed to a powdery state and added to a mug of milk. Drink at a time. Repeat as necessary.
    Activated charcoal, and even in large quantities, is not recommended for gastric bleeding.
Heartburn Charges

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