Heart disease

Herbs for the heart

One of my friends, knowing my passion for herbs with various medical and folk medicine, turned for help.
Say, doctors do not really trust — they write only expensive drugs, and all the help.
I do not agree with her, of course, — doctors are also different. However, I did not refuse to help. And the problem with her was pressure. All the signs of this have been said. A woman in the prime of life, enduring and healthy should be, so no.
And the headaches are excruciating, and the fatigue is constant — it comes from work, neither does it move your hand. And as I touched her hands (they were cold), immediately the diagnosis became clear — hypertension. For accuracy, the pressure was measured several days in a row, confirmed.

There are many medicines for high blood pressure, but I trust most of the cudweed. Not for nothing it is called grass heart or toad grass (because the toad is treated).

First, for all those interested, I will tell you how to cook this herb. In July-August, closer to the evening, cut off — and then under the canopy, away from direct sunlight.
This herb is juicy, there are a lot of vitamins in it, it quickly spoils in the sun.
And it should be applied when the pressure starts to jump. I, of course, harvested dried wheat in advance was — it was something in the middle of autumn was happening.

Here, along with the recipe, I gave my friend and grass dry (and I’ll tell you: if you do not harvest the herbs themselves, you can find them in many drugstores).
The recipe itself is not complicated: 2 tsp dry herbs pour boiling water should be and put on a night in a warm place.
And in the morning, drink small early sips before eating.
But the plant is slowly acting on the body. Therefore, it is foolish to expect-hope that after a drinking glass of a jellyfish a person will immediately run.

But days after ten treatments, the pressure is restored and keeps in the norm for a very long time.
And even better a person will help if you add external treatment to this infusion. For this 5-7 tbsp. Spoons of the same grass should be poured 5 liters of water.
Heat to boil over low heat.
Then allow to cool down until the hand is patient.
In this infusion and soar arms and legs. Tazik put in a large container of boiling water and there to cool down pour boiling water.
My familiar means of this well helped — it still uses it when necessary, but to me only with gratitude goes.


Herbs for the heart

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