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You can not downplay the importance of vitamins for the heart arrhythmia of any type. Very useful all kinds of fruit, which must be included in the daily diet.

In particular, when the arrhythmia shown peaches and apricots, a splendid action has blackcurrant clear that fresh berries and fruits are not always available, so a deficiency of vitamins can replenish some popular recipes.

Rosehip — has always been considered a sort of «vitamin bomb», it greatly helps a weakened heart. Normal decoction of dried berries (better to clear them from the seed), 30-50 grams per liter of water, prokipyachёnny 10 minutes. and insist in a thermos 6 — 8 hours should become a daily drink — at least one glass per day.

Good help in the confrontation arrhythmia can be viburnum. Three glasses of her pureed berries poured two liters of boiled water, and field a 6-hour infusion mixed with 0.5 kg of honey. The monthly rate for admission of 70 g three times a day necessarily fins revitalizing effect.

You can use a mixture of honey, freshly squeezed lemon juice, adding a core apricot seeds. Take this remedy in the mornings and evenings on a tablespoon.

Dried fruits are also always been loyal assistants for heart disease, including — for arrhythmia. You can take 200 grams of dried apricots, walnuts, raisins, one completely pureed with lemon peel and 100 g of honey. Mix well accepted in the morning to 30 a month — 50 g

Often the arrhythmia called micronutrients deficiency in the body, in particular — potassium, magnesium, calcium, therefore becomes an indispensable assistant proper diet.

The daily menu should include potatoes, parsley, cabbage, honey, beets, corn, sunflower seeds. Magnesium deficiency can make up for legumes, buckwheat, bran, fresh cucumbers. Very useful dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese), fish and seafood.
But with animal fats need to be very careful — they provoke thrombotic processes in the coronary arteries. The meat from the menu can not be excluded, but it should not be greasy and fried. Also, be sure to reduce salt consumption.

Should be limited and the overall food intake — gastric pressure on the heart region complicates the work of the myocardium. In addition, a person of normal weight is easier to cope with the arising arrhythmia.

Of course, if the arrhythmia is often disturbing, it is necessary to give up bad habits and irrational consumption of coffee, chocolate and other sweets. Instead of a morning cup of coffee with a cigarette is best to give yourself life impulse on the day of simple invigorating gymnastics.

It helps with arrhythmia complex respiratory exercises Strelnikova system — on its implementation can be consulted with a specialist. Remove the attack of tachycardia helps so-called «vagal maneuver» — holding the breath with straining, «push» air down. By the way, this exercise is borrowed from the well-known yoga systems.

There are a few simple techniques removing fibrillation attack. For example, finger pressure on the eyeballs few minutes can normalize heart rhythm.

It helps short «immersion effect», which can be achieved by lowering the face for a few seconds in the icy water.

Another «vagal maneuver» — a gentle massage of the carotid artery on the right side of the neck from the clavicle to the lower jaw.

And, of course, an important condition for confrontation arrhythmias are regular walks in the fresh air. Step should be measured, even, as convenient as possible for the person, and it must adhere to the rhythm of walking always — so ensures optimum training heart muscle. Also it is useful and angina, more about the treatment of angina folk remedies read in another article.

Of course, all measures for arrhythmia treatment heart folk remedies must be agreed with the doctor and be part of their assigned overall program of health treatments.

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