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Hair — a wonderful gift of nature to man. They not only allow to emphasize the charm and hide flaws, but also perform a number of important functions: protect the head from overheating and overcooling, dust and wind.

The fastest way to grow hair on the head, and the slowest — eyebrow.
By 50-60 years of hair growth rate is significantly reduced, regardless of gender.
Part hair freely located above the skin, called the core, and the part, hidden in the skin, — the root of the hair. The root ends extension — hair follicles. The follicle and the hair growth occurs. Because connective tissue in the hair follicle juts papilla carrying vessels that nourish the bulb. Over the years, the hair papillae are depleted, and hair thinning, thinning, losing strength.

The appearance and growth of the hair depends not only on the state of the hair papilla, but also on the vital activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands of the head support softness and elasticity of the hair shaft.

functions papilla, sebaceous and sweat glands are regulated mainly the nervous and endocrine systems. However, the condition and appearance kind of hair, in addition to internal reasons, a significant influence, and proper hair care.

The damaging effect on the hair has frequent washing them — especially hot water, and drying under a hot head hairdryer. The best way to dry hair outdoors. Comb do not wet and slightly damp hair. Less strong are the hair from bleaching (if you hair bleaching with hydrogen peroxide, it is better to use it as a 3-6 percent solution, but should not be used more concentrated solutions).

Termobigudi, elektrobigudi, curling irons are suitable only healthy hair, and it is not recommended to use them every day. The most harmless of all zavivok — cold, the usual rollers.
But even they should not be left for the night. Such stacking is best done in the diluted lemon juice, oranges, beer or water with vinegar — it preserves the natural shine of the hair, and they are better to comb.

The quality of the detergent is of great importance. The soap should be neutral, not contain alkalis,    since they strongly alter the structure, strength and elasticity of the hair. It is very harmful for hair   soap containing a free alkali. It is best to apply the «Baby» «Velvety», «Egg» or «Bath» soap.
Shampoos produced from surface-active products high quality, they have a slightly acidic, the corresponding reaction of the scalp.
Due to special additives, shampoos easily washed hair, makes them soft, shiny and silky. When you   wash your hair, do not take the time for a light massage of the head while rubbing soap foam, as with  the  warm water, it will strengthen the blood circulation and metabolism in the scalp.
However finish washing the hair with tepid water at room temperature or at least slightly colder water that which you washed hair.
Harmful to rough combing hair — metal or low-quality wooden combs with burrs.
It is necessary to use plastic combs. Better yet, buy ebonite comb (available now are such combs made  in Germany) or a wooden comb good quality, having tight, not loose structure, such as the comb does   not electrify hair.
Beneficial effect on the hair, the use of wooden massage good quality brushes with balls on the ends. Combing the hair is a good massage for the scalp.

Until now preserved ancient beauty secret: comb your hair a hundred times in a row, and in different directions.

Yet it is important to bear in mind that short hair should be combed from the roots, long — from the end.
Do not pull your hair tightly: it leads to rapid hair loss. For example, the hair in the form of «horse tail» can cause sparseness Hair on the leading edge of the forehead, the so-called «Greenland baldness. So, Greenland and Japan were distributed hairstyles, hair tightly tightening. In these countries, women suffer from baldness. Why girls should not be tightly braided hair, pull over their «tail», as well as make taut bows. Not recommended for a long time to make the parting at the same place.

Herbalist’s advice.

• Strengthen the normal hair help hop cones, burdock, nettle, sweet flag marsh and grass rich in silicon — horsetail, knotweed. Infusion of herbs rinse hair after washing. It is useful to make a mask for hair from the same herbs. Brew one of these herbs or a mixture of several, strain, before washing, apply on hair and grass pulp gently massage the scalp. The remaining infusion rinse your head after washing.
• To strengthen and improve the condition of hair is useful to take into the grass, rich in trace elements (hop cones, St. John’s wort, burdock), and especially in such a trace element such as silicon (knotweed, horsetail).
• If you want to make your hair grow faster, but this will help Ajuga reptans.

Tips for hair loss.

• Mix 4 parts of marigold flowers and burdock root, add 3 parts of hop cones. 50 g of the mixture pour 1 liter of water, simmer over low heat for 15 minutes, cool, strain.
Use for washing the hair # 2 3 times a week.
• Mix 3 parts of nettle leaves, leaves
mother and stepmother and 2 part Calamus rhizome. Six tablespoons of the mixture pour 1 liter of water, boil for 10 minutes, cool, strain. Use for washing the hair 3 times a week.

CARE for normal hair
Healthy normal hair have a pleasant living luster, density, elasticity, softness, and the skin — lack of itching and dandruff. To maintain beautiful hair, you need to take care of them properly.

Rinse with medicinal herbs will help to maintain a healthy state of normal hair and prevent them        from splitting.
Make a collection of 2 parts nettle and 1 part of burdock roots.
Table spoon collection pour a glass of boiling water, simmer on low heat for 10 minutes, then cool,     strain and add to the water for rinsing.

2 tbsp. spoons of chamomile pharmacy put in a gauze bag, pour hot water into the bowl, designed for rinsing.

As long as you wash your hair, the infusion is ready. Add the tablespoon of grape or apple cider vinegar.
Mix grass ling and hop cones in equal amounts.
Half a glass of the mixture pour a liter of boiling water, cool, strain and add to the water for rinsing.
In any of the compositions, you can add lemon juice, which makes hair shiny and obedient.




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