Healthy diet.

Healthy diet.

Healthy Diet — a very convincing weight loss system without damage to health.
Short-term debilitating diet only needed when you want a quick and tangible results. But the faster get rid of the excess weight, the faster it comes back, and noticed that a healthy diet.

For this reason, reasonable approach to weight loss is the issue thoroughly and without undue haste, and on what a healthy diet is based.

Metabolism must be adjusted gradually to the new diet, and 12-week nutrition program is great to help him cope with this task.

The daily ration is calculated by about 1500 calories and has a desired amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, than a unique and secure a healthy diet.
We offer you a couple of variations of the breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every day you can choose anything from the list, not to eat every day the same thing, about what took care of a healthy diet.
The very formulation of cooking is allowed to change or adjust slightly, but only within the framework of each calorie dishes that allow a healthy diet.
For example, if the recipe contains a turkey, you can change her chicken, but pork. Try not to add salt or actually not salt food, which requires a healthy diet.
Snacking can be no more than once during the day and only in that case, if you experience hunger, which allows a healthy diet. And do not cheat — you will not be able to fool anyone besides himself.

The proposed menus are completely absent sweetness that can not tolerate a healthy diet. And you really have to exclude them from your diet for all 12 weeks.
If you feel that desire to eat dessert simply irresistible, you can once a week, after lunch or dinner allow yourself to one slice of dark chocolate (70% cocoa can and higher), 100 grams of fat-free ice cream, a few teaspoons of jam does not contain sugar, some stuff dried apricots or prunes that welcomes a healthy diet.

During the seasonal exacerbation of influenza should not forget about the most beneficial foods. Rating Health formed Forbes magazine, whereby a healthy diet has gained popularity. The products below is of doubt, secured a long and healthy life, and optimal, regardless of your country of residence, or the culinary traditions of the medical diet.

Top of the most healthy foods that use a healthy diet, led berries, nuts and, of course, beans. His physicians known qualities of pomegranate juice — it is not just to stabilize the pressure, but also successfully combats onkokletki. Bitter juice — a natural «Viagra» at an acceptable cost, according to a healthy diet.

The magazine also refutes the cautious attitude to the meat, which does not exclude a healthy diet. No artificial meat cattle — is a sure supplier of important and nutrients. Admirers of fish should give their preference caught in the ocean, rather than grown artificially, that suggests a healthy diet. And, by itself, fresh milk and eggs — just essential for full human waste.

On the beneficial effects of vegetables we all know from early childhood. If you are not a fan of cabbage — you can change it as broccoli or Brussels, which allows a healthy diet. About Cabbage Soup Diet Slogan Legend. And the eternal enemies of lovers who are onions and garlic act as the first preventive sorts of respiratory diseases. And do not forget that «useless» vegetables — just does not happen in nature!

«Who eats an apple a day — it does not go to the doctor,» so says the proverb, and a healthy diet. Improving the quality of the fruit of paradise has confirmed the age-old history.

In the beverage environment — leading all the revered green tea that loves healthy diet.

Healthy diet


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