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The recipe for old age

health tips

Old age is a weakness, so my neighbor likes to talk. He still does not have 70, but he’s all lying, but he’s sitting on the bench. «No,» he says, «I have strength, my heart aches, my legs ache, my pressure is high.» But how can he not be sick, to his heart, if there is no work for him, and even his feet can not do nothing.

Of course, the strength with age is getting smaller and smaller, but this is not an excuse to drop your hands and wait for death.

I know a lot of folk recipes: from the heart, and from the legs, and from weakness.
I use them myself and advise others.
For example, this recipe: 400 g of garlic crushed, squeeze out the juice of 4 lemons, mix and fold into a jar.
Close the top with a cloth and put it for a week in a dark place.
As it is, take once a day before going to bed on a teaspoon for half a cup of water. After 10-15 days after the treatment, sleep is normalized, you will feel a surge of energy.

Or here is one more, very strong recipe: take 100 grams of fresh grass immortelle, birch buds, St. John’s wort and chamomile.
All the way through the meat grinder, folded into a jar.
In the evening, a tablespoon of the collection to fill with 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist 20 minutes, strain and squeeze.
To drink at night a glass of warm infusion with a teaspoon of honey.
After that, do not eat or drink. In the morning, too, drink a glass of it on an empty stomach. Lunch in half an hour. And so, until the whole collection is over.

This recipe is recommended to everyone with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Also, when it is used, metabolism is increased, the body is cleansed of fat and cholesterol deposits, noise in the ears is eliminated, vision is restored.

It is recommended for the prevention of myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis.
Only one course a year is enough for me to feel young and strong.
And they say, there is no cure for old age. There is! Try it.


The recipe for old age

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